We didn't do it! But we wish we had...

The Television Act

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: How vague legislation created a pin-sharp television system

Choosing the companies

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: The ITA picks the players for the new ITV in 1954

Trouble with transmitters

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: Setting up ITV gets serious – transmitters (or the lack of them)


ITV puts its announcers in the picture

A change in policy at A-R and ATV as they bring their announcers into view

When Huw was told: ‘You looked just like a frightened rabbit’

ITN’s house magazine The Lens looks back from 1983 at Huw Thomas’s on-air career

The Great TV War: a TV ‘Light’ could save the BBC

BBCtv is dying in 1958 and here’s how to save it

The Great TV War

BBCtv is dying in 1958 and here’s why

Telefis Eireann will cater for every taste

Telefís Éireann is ready to launch. A local paper in Dundalk takes us through what to look out for

Pirate radio station run by schoolboys

We didn’t do it! But we wish we had…

Back in time for TV: 1989

For the last time in the present series, H E Cooper takes her time machine back to 1989 to find out what was on the telly…

First television service

Has Germany beaten Britain to television in 1936?

BBC apology for Honved fade-out

There’s a thrilling end to a football match, so here’s the Show Band Show instead

Now Welsh ITV

It’s launch day for TWW

Continental television stations

A look at how television facilities have developed across Europe in 1967

How can they get out of the MESS?

The last-ditch effort to prevent commercial television from being born

The billion-dollar builders

Rediffusion’s INTERTEL strand asks: what do recipients of American aid think about America in 1962?

Magnificent trio

Over on our ATV site, meet the three announcers who will be working over Christmas in 1974

The new look

Over on our refurbished Thames site, the Reading Evening Post looks in to what exciting programmes the new Thames Television will be offering us in 1968

18 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Saturday in 1964

12 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Sunday in 1964

Watch carefully – it’s TV’s big night

Blair Thomson surveys the prospects of ATV-viewing after the 1968 regional reorganisation

Gerry Marsden 1942–2021

Gerry Marsden has died at 78

Necrolog 2020

A reminder of those we’ve loved and lost this past year

Martin Lambie-Nairn 1945–2020

Vale to the designer’s designer