The intertwined worlds of The Beatles and 1960s ITV

Kenny the kidder

Probably the greatest maker of radio Britain ever created... especially when the devil got into him

Off Centre

A sudden end to an ILR story

VHF off

The joys of 405-line television


Another chance to see… Sunday Night at the London Palladium

The most famous variety show in the country

A Shared Medium

It’s time for a fourth channel in the UK. But no more than that, please

Regional news against the clock

A gallery of how Calendar was put together in 1986

Another chance to see… Take Your Pick

One of the two quintessential ITV quiz shows

Here is the News from IRN

How networked radio news was made

We’re TM

Think TM is all about jingles? Think on!

The day the music died

Remembering the end of Big L

Pay-TV vs. Free TV: May the best deal win

As the cable revolution spreads in the US, a new tier of channels starts to appear… ones you have to pay for. Will this ever catch on?

Listening with the Forces

Unusual audience research as the BBC goes direct to the forces in France to ask them what they’d like to hear on the radio

BBC-2 opens

It’s (almost) here! Get ready for the launch of BBC-2

A year of decisions

The BBC looks back at a momentous year for technology and broadcasting

Holiday Town Parade

ABC invites you to enter two beauty contests in 1962

Annual report 1969

1968 was a busy year for ATV Network, as this excerpt from their annual report for 1969 reveals

ATV Sunspots

The hottest thing in holiday advertising!

Schools drama 1964

A-R guides us through two drama programmes for schools in spring 1964

Lawn tennis at Scarborough

ABC outside broadcast cameras come to Scarborough in 1965 to broadcast the tennis

Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks comes to Hull in June 1965 to audition new talent

Auf Wiedersehen, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

Production values have changed… for the better?

Croeso i S4C

Do S4C have a copy of their own opening night? Some suggest they don’t. We do.

I’d like to teach the world to sing

The Cardiff Singer of the World competition is something only our BBC could do

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