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Westward progress

Practical Television in March 1962 looks in-depth at Westward's almost-complete studio complex

Westward Region

British Railways helps launch the new Westward Television in 1961

A TV Tycoon Replies

A splendid 1972 rant from Westward's Peter Cadbury on who should pay for ITV-2


For the last time…

It’s 29 July 1968 and Rediffusion London comes on air for the very last time

Open to suggestion

Settling into her new job on air at TWW, Maureen Staffer has some ideas for the presentation department.

What makes LONDONERS tick?

Rediffusion’s last-minute attempt to get up close and personal with its region

Slick – that is the new TV

It’s launch day for ITV in London, but there’s a fire in the stables in Ambridge…

Where is Central Television?

A local newspaper takes issue with the new Central Independent Television in the East Midlands

TV’s search for new logo over

TSW’s new identity is coming together, thanks to 80 similar suggestions for a logo

Voice behind the vision

You may not recognise his face, but Anglia viewers in 1963 were certainly familiar with his voice

Poise in a topsy-turvy world

Want to look around Granada’s studios in 1960? Paul Rycroft will show you the sights

Cat-swinging out in Queen Street

BBC Scotland’s staff newsletter on the cramped conditions in Edinburgh

The deep marks that Ed Murrow left

The man who invented radio and television journalism as we know it

Goodbye to Savoy Hill

As the BBC gets ready to move from Savoy Hill to Broadcasting House in 1932, the staff look back at the old headquarters

Into the fifth year

It’s 1960 and Granada and ABC look back at the last 4 years on air and what’s coming for ITV

The billion-dollar builders

Rediffusion’s INTERTEL strand asks: what do recipients of American aid think about America in 1962?

Magnificent trio

Over on our ATV site, meet the three announcers who will be working over Christmas in 1974

The new look

Over on our refurbished Thames site, the Reading Evening Post looks in to what exciting programmes the new Thames Television will be offering us in 1968

18 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Saturday in 1964

12 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Sunday in 1964

Watch carefully – it’s TV’s big night

Blair Thomson surveys the prospects of ATV-viewing after the 1968 regional reorganisation

Gerry Marsden 1942–2021

Gerry Marsden has died at 78

Necrolog 2020

A reminder of those we’ve loved and lost this past year

Martin Lambie-Nairn 1945–2020

Vale to the designer’s designer