A remarkable feeling of confidence

How does an examination of public school education in public life stand up 48 years later?

The Voice of Liberty

What the BBC meant to the people of occupied France

Cathy Gale brought out the violent streak in me and I was out to kill

In 1968, Honor Blackman tells TVWorld about Cathy Gale, Pussy Galore and being a mother.

Where do we go from here?

Lord Hill of Luton’s statement about the 1964 franchise round

Long live regional broadcasting

Novelist L.A.G. Strong explains why regional broadcasting is so important in 1945

TV80: Television To-day

The BBC Handbook for 1938 looks back at the first year of television

How television talks are produced

Grace Wyndham Goldie explains the chaos that is making a television talk

Northern exposure

A new BBC transmitter is being built near Slaithwaite in 1931

Thirty girls with TV secrets

A fine slice of sexism from 1955

The Diary of David Heathcote (13)

David Heathcote tells the story of his life in and out of broadcasting

🔈Exit ATV, pursued by LWT

Audio of David Frost introducing the new London Weekend before Trevor Lucas takes ATV London off air for the final ever time

The Diary of David Heathcote (12)

David Heathcote tells the story of his life in and out of broadcasting

Tonight’s Anglia TV… in 1966

A look at what was on Anglia Television on Wednesday 7 December 1966

Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1965

A look at what was on Granada on Tuesday 30 November 1965

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1963

A look at what was on BBCtv on Saturday 23 November 1963

Tonight’s TV… in 1999

A look at what was on television on Tuesday 16 November 1999

Power cuts

There’s a power cut in central London

Le premier programme matinal en Europe

French television looks on in amazement as les rosbifs interrupt breakfast by adding television

Granada TV, Manchester 3

A new microsite looking at Quay Street in 1966

Sylvia Peters 1925-2016

The Times newspaper today reports the death of Sylvia Peters, the BBC’s chief female announcer in the 1940s and 50s.