⬆ Year One: Granada and the Drama

Part six of our series on the first year of Granada sees Tony Richardson discussing Granada’s contribution to drama

Alias… The Saint!

Impeccable suits, beautiful women, fast cars, exotic locales – meet Simon Templar

⬆ Year One: The Big Night

Part five of our series looking at the first year of Granada sees opening night upon us

The new look in radio

Frank Gillard in 1964 on the launch of the BBC Music Programme and the realignment of the BBC’s three radio networks

⬆ Year One: The Building of the Manchester TV Centre

Part four of our series about the first year of Granada looks at constructing the Quay Street studios

His fez is his fortune

TVTimes profiles Tommy Cooper in 1956

⬆ Year One: A TV service is born

Part three of our series on the first year of Granada looks at the birth of the station

Six acts that made opportunity knock

A look back, from 1971, at six acts discovered by Hughie Green and his team

The New BBC Orchestra

The BBC introduces an orchestra for trainees and throws them in at the deep-end in 1966

Ron Davies: courageous cameraman

TVTimes in 1969 profiles Ron Davies – a cameraman for ITN and Harlech who uses a wheelchair

The Stones in Hyde Park

The story of Granada’s ambitious 1969 colour special

My hundred faces

A limited budget sends Bernard Braden rummaging through wardrobe in 1963

Tonight’s ABC North… in 1958

A look at what was on ABC Weekend TV on Saturday 22 March 1958

Tonight’s Yorkshire TV… in 1979

A look at what was on YTV on Tuesday 15 March 1979

Tonight’s Anglia… in 1970

A look at what was on Anglia TV on Sunday 8 March 1970

Tonight’s Anglia and C4… in 1988

A look at what was on Anglia and Channel 4 on Tuesday 1 March 1988

► The Plain Man’s Guide to Advertising

Bob Godfrey’s 1963 surreal mix of advertising tropes

► Television comes to Bradford

John Walters goes to the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in 1986

► The Peacock Committee reports back

BBC Newsnight on the Peacock Report in 1986, which recommends ITV franchises go to the highest bidder and BBC Radios 1 and 2 are sold

► Shut That Door!

Larry Grayson interviews Noele Gordon on ATV in 1972

✎ The annoyance of science

Bradford is leaving the UK without a decent television museum

✎ Yeah, okay then, we’ll take that

Following links back in your analytics software can be fun!

✎ 18 years of Queer as Folk

The anniversary of a groundbreaking drama series

✎ I see you off to distant clouds

The wrecking ball takes the last hint of Tyne Tees Television in Newcastle