By-ways of the Programmes

By-ways of the BBC: the output of Broadcasting House in 1938 [6/9]

Alias… The Saint!

Republished following the death of Sir Roger Moore at the age of 89: Impeccable suits, beautiful women, fast cars, exotic locales – meet Simon Templar

‘Saint’ behind the camera

Republished following the death of Sir Roger Moore at the age of 89: Look Westward interviews him on his plans to direct films in 1964

How to receive BBC-2

BBC-2 is on its way to the north of England. This 1965 leaflet tells you all you need to know about receiving it

More By-ways of Administration

By-ways of the BBC: the school in Broadcasting House in 1938 [5/9]

Television at Earls Court 1955

Your guide to the latest television designs on display at Earls Court in 1955

The miracle of Eurovision

The story of the Eurovision Network, told from the point of view of 1961

The Coronation Broadcasts

The BBC’s coverage of the coronation of King George VI in 1937

New Directions

How Central changed ATV’s drama output

Sapphire and Steel appeal

Look-in magazine talks to Joanna Lumley about her exciting new ATV series ‘Sapphire and Steel’ in 1979

ITV: the answer to complaints

The ITA answers back to critics who say ITV is too violent and commercial

Introducing… Eddie Waring

The Radio Times in 1968 speaks to Rugby League commentator Eddie Waring

Tonight’s ATV Midlands… in 1956

A look at what was on Associated TeleVision on Thursday 24 May 1956

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1968

A look at what was on BBCtv on Friday 17 May 1968

Tonight’s Yorkshire TV… in 1971

A look at what was on YTV on Monday 10 May 1971

Tonight’s Central and Channel 4… in 1985

A look at what was on Central Independent Television and C4 on Saturday 4 May 1985

► Sianel 4

A documentary from 13 October 1982 discusses how S4C came to be

► Ray Moore does Eurovision

Ray Moore opens and closes the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest for BBC Radio 2

► Listening to War

Alvar Lidell narrates the story of the establishment of the BBC Monitoring Service during World War II

► 20 Years Ago Today, 33 years ago today

Ludovic Kennedy on the botched launched of BBC-2


Radio North Sea International was bombed in 1971

✎ World population explosion

Congratulations to Transdiffusioners Jon and Kate Bufton

✎ Funny things that happen in television: the ebook

John Mead’s fun account of a life behind the camera is now available as an ebook

✎ Brian Matthew 1928-2017 [UPDATED AGAIN]

Disc jockey and presenter dies