I see dazzling years ahead

The TVTimes talks to Tony Benn, the new Postmaster-General, in 1965

Making children’s programmes

Inside ITV’s biggest children’s department in 1977

Thames on the cover of the TVTimes

The programming powerhouse of Thames, as seen on the covers of the TVTimes

Thames in the ITA and IBA yearbooks

How Thames presented itself in every ITA/IBA yearbook from 1969 until 1988

Talk of Thames

Celebrating 50 years of London’s Weekday ITV: Thames – a talent for television

A Closer View

Behind the scenes at Thames in 1982

Company on the move

In-depth into Thames Television in 1977

Yorkshire Television presents…

Programmes coming this week in July 1968 from all of the New ITV that you can see on Yorkshire

This is NEW Granadaland

The TVTimes looks west of the Pennines for a glimpse of what a 7-day Granada will look like in July 1968

Toddlers and the £750,000 Question

Lord Hill of Luton on ending the Toddlers’ Truce and handing £750,000 to ITV

Marconi mobile television

In city, town or country, Marconi Outside Broadcast equipment is the toast of 1954 – see why in our new microsite


A special feature website on the relaunch of Rediffusion London in April 1964

A goggle of graphics

An exhibition celebrates Rediffusion’s graphic designers in December 1966

Call of the kitchen

The TVTimes talks to ABC’s Philip Harben about cookery in 1964

Factsheet 1966: The Independent Television Authority

An introduction to Independent Television in 1966

Back in time for TV: 17-22 June 1969

HE Cooper takes a time machine back to 17-22 June 1969 for a look at what was on the telly

Tonight’s Independent Television… in 1968

A look at what was on ITV in the whole country on Thursday 8 August 1968

Tonight’s London Weekend… in 1968

A look at what was on London Weekend on Friday 2 August 1968

Tonight’s Anglia Television… in 1979

A look at what was on Anglia in the east of England on Wednesday 1 August 1979

Tonight’s Yorkshire Television… in 1968

A look at what was on YTV in Leeds on Monday 29 July 1968

Tonight’s Rediffusion, London… in 1968

A look at what was on Rediffusion in London on Monday 29 July 1968

Freddie Phillips

You know him from Trumpton and Camberwick Green. We know him from his 8 daily start-up pieces for BBC-1 (two on Sundays) in use 1964-7. Have a listen to them on our SoundCloud channel

Television starts the day

Listen to Television start the day each day on Transdiffusion’s free SoundCloud playlist

► Quick march

On retransmission stations of the internet, this is the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System

✎ Made in Yorkshire

A Kickstarter campaign is launched to fund a documentary about YTV

✎ Sir Ken Dodd 1927-2018

Looking back at the life of Liverpool funnyman Ken Dodd

✎ Sit down, Nigel Barton

Dirty Feed has a great examination of the changes between the script and the production of 1965 Dennis Potter’s ‘Stand Up, Nigel Barton’ play