Our series about the first year of Granada looks at constructing the Quay Street studios

Year One: Reporting by television

Our series on the first year of Granada looks at local news for the North

Year One: Granada and the Drama

Our series on the first year of Granada sees Tony Richardson discussing Granada's contribution to drama

Year One: The lighter side

Our series on the first year of Granada reviews their light entertainment output


Television floor managers

The life of a floor manager in BBCtv is a tough one…

Sharing the Best

A system of networking on early 1980s ILR

Who invents the jokes for ‘BAND WAGGON’?

The BBC’s most popular comedy show, around the world as well as at home, requires a team of writers

News for the Region

Anglia’s impressive regional news operation


Television prepares for its greatest triumph, to reach out beyond the frontiers of Europe and bring you instantaneous sights and sounds from six different countries

Wireless joke scares many listeners

Panic on the streets of London… or not

Seventeen for one

The story of Sweden’s DX-TV champion

Turning Listeners into Viewers

A review of the progress of the BBC Television Service

Focus on a crisis

ITN is called into action when a siege at an embassy in London comes to a shocking end

Shock at the BBC

Lord Hill is suddenly moved from the ITA to the BBC – to the horror of the staff at Broadcasting House

Ten Years of Technical Progress

Looking back at the first ten years of technical developments at the BBC

Television in the Rhineland

RCA tells the story of Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Facts and figures about British Railways 1957

British Railways takes us through the facts about the network in 1957

Television for Younger Viewers

A look at BBCtv programmes for children in 1951

Fourth floor says… Why we cannot have more TV programmes at present

A word from Associated-Rediffusion management in 1960: technical limitations are preventing ITV-2

Fourth floor (Carlton House) says… ‘Success to Studio 5’

A word from Associated-Rediffusion management in 1960: how Studio 5 at Wembley is coming along

BBC Television Picture Book

Inside BBCtv, from 1930 to 1950, in pictures

Fourth floor says… ‘Come and Talk’

A word from Associated-Rediffusion management in 1959: the door to Human Resources is always open

Everybody needs a place to think

A rough scan of the introductory booklet for the new BBC Four issued a few weeks before launch

The BBC: you make it what it is

A 1996 leaflet extolling the virtues of our BBC

BBC VHF-FM transmitters in 1974

Your cut-out n’ keep guide to tuning into the three BBC FM services – some now in stereo! – in the UK

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