Gavin Sutherland reconstructs the most famous ITV start-up

Star turn

The ultimate startup from the backbone of ITV

Type specimen

In the Midlands and the North, the ultimate TV station starts the day

Salute to ABC

Thames keeps up the traditions set by ABC Television


Moving on Air

With their old studios about to be abolished, Hereward Radio get ready to move to a new facility

Brearley opens, but Chataway’s in the running

Who’s promising what in the race to be Britain’s first breakfast TV contractor?

One giant leap for home entertainment

The traffic stops as BBC-2 stumbles into colour…

Please read the news a little slower

In France they’re chasing announcers down the street asking for their hand in marriage. In Britain? Not quite.

New York cables’ answer to Carson: late-night sex

The curious case of pornography on cable television in the US in 1975

In association with…

Competition or cooperation? In May 1956 it’s still not clear which will be ITV’s main thrust

One night in Europe…

A personal take on the Eurovision Song Contest and the European Broadcasting Union

Royal Occasions

Jack Robertson reminisces about the Theatre Royal in Glasgow, once a thriving theatre and now, in 1962, home of Scottish Television

To the North

A twisty tale of how to get two- and three-way networking established for ITV in the 1950s

Pops and pirates

Granada’s World in Action looks at the victims of the off-shore radio boom: the recording artists who drove it

American broadcasting

The BBC takes a rather sniffy view of developments in radio in the United States

Tuning-in to… Grampian

Grampian is almost here! Find out how to tune in, what to watch and who’s behind the new programmes

The billion-dollar builders

Rediffusion’s INTERTEL strand asks: what do recipients of American aid think about America in 1962?

Magnificent trio

Over on our ATV site, meet the three announcers who will be working over Christmas in 1974

The new look

Over on our refurbished Thames site, the Reading Evening Post looks in to what exciting programmes the new Thames Television will be offering us in 1968

18 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Saturday in 1964

12 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Sunday in 1964

Watch carefully – it’s TV’s big night

Blair Thomson surveys the prospects of ATV-viewing after the 1968 regional reorganisation

I’d like to teach the world to sing

The Cardiff Singer of the World competition is something only our BBC could do

Gerry Marsden 1942–2021

Gerry Marsden has died at 78

Necrolog 2020

A reminder of those we’ve loved and lost this past year

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