Bruce Forsyth


By-ways of the BBC

Exploring the BBC in 1938

David Heathcote

TBS editor David Heathcote tells the story of his life in and out of broadcasting

Freddy Grisewood

The story of the BBC at war


Granada's first year

Haldane Duncan


John Logie Baird

Baird's wife recalls life with her husband

Simon Dee


The old BBC

A history of the BBC from 1930

The Robert Fraser Lectures

The the first Director-General of the Independent Television Authority on how to make television special

Tyne Tees

ITV in the North East: 1959-2002

Breakfast with Anna

15 October 2021

The new ITV contracts are announced, to mixed reviews from the Daily Mirror

Rebroadcasting and exchange broadcasting

1 October 2021

How to get your allies to listen to you

The Story of Independent TV

22 September 2021

Behind the scenes of that new ‘Independent Television’ you’ve heard so much about

Listening with the Forces

3 September 2021

Unusual audience research as the BBC goes direct to the forces in France to ask them what they’d like to hear on the radio

BBC-2 opens

20 August 2021

It’s (almost) here! Get ready for the launch of BBC-2

A year of decisions

6 August 2021

The BBC looks back at a momentous year for technology and broadcasting

Pops and pirates

23 July 2021

Granada’s World in Action looks at the victims of the off-shore radio boom: the recording artists who drove it

American broadcasting

9 July 2021

The BBC takes a rather sniffy view of developments in radio in the United States

Tuning-in to… Grampian

14 May 2021

Grampian is almost here! Find out how to tune in, what to watch and who’s behind the new programmes

The deep marks that Ed Murrow left

2 April 2021

The man who invented radio and television journalism as we know it

Into the fifth year

5 March 2021

It’s 1960 and Granada and ABC look back at the last 4 years on air and what’s coming for ITV

New television standards: effect on British television

19 February 2021

An upgrade from 405-lines to 625-lines is not enough on its own to get people to buy or rent new sets, says the BBC’s DC Birkinshaw in 1959

Project Telstar: Communications Experiment

29 January 2021

A detailed, technical exploration of the Telstar satellite from 1962

Now Welsh ITV

14 January 2021

It’s launch day for TWW in 1958

Continental television stations

23 December 2020

A look at how television facilities have developed across Europe in 1967

How can they get out of the MESS?

18 December 2020

The last-ditch effort to prevent commercial television from being born

Seen at 6.30

4 December 2020

Inside Granada’s greatest regional programme, Scene at 6.30

The changing trends in television design

20 November 2020

Televisions are getting larger (24 inches!) while their cases get smaller; aerials are getting more sophisticated; transportable TV sets are here… it’s all go at the 1958 National Radio Show

BBC Television is 25 years old

2 November 2020

A local newspaper celebrates 25 years of BBCtv in 1961

The franchise affair

23 October 2020

300 possible applicants for the 1968 ITV contracts… and the Midlands is the one they all want

ITV’s Regional Strength

9 October 2020

What makes ITV worth watching is regional programmes from your local station, says the IBA in 1976

Progress in television

25 September 2020

The BBC brings us up to speed on recent developments in television in 1961

The BBC television story

11 September 2020

Travel back to 1956 as the BBC celebrates 20 years of television

Visions unlimited

28 August 2020

A glowing biography – nearer a hagiography – of General David Sarnoff, published in 1966 to celebrate 40 years of NBC

Television America-wise

21 August 2020

A 1955 opportunity to sneer at American television

Technical operations: the ITV network

14 August 2020

The not-so-simple process of getting the output of the cameras to your TV screen in 1967

Television apparatus

31 July 2020

Television is coming soon and, the Nottingham Journal decides, the Baird system is the one to bet on

A Superb Souvenir of the Year’s Television

20 March 2020

Pete Singleton travels back to 1958 to find out what was making waves in television

Carry on Euston

29 November 2019

Over on our Thames Television sub-site, Gary Rodger takes us on a journey to Thames in 1984 as the management put out an emergency service when the staff go on strike

Haldane Duncan 1945-2018

27 December 2018

Scottish television director Haldane Duncan’s autobiography

A World Listened and Watched

22 November 2018

How the four American networks – ABC, CBS, Mutual and NBC – covered the assassination of President Kennedy

Toddlers and the £750,000 Question

4 June 2018

Lord Hill of Luton on ending the Toddlers’ Truce and handing £750,000 to ITV

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