✎ I see you off to distant clouds

18 Feb 2017

The wrecking ball takes the last hint of Tyne Tees Television in Newcastle

✎ It’s time to give up

14 Feb 2017

…because you lost at Valentine’s Day

✎ Farewell Howard Philpott

5 Feb 2017

BBC Radio newsreader Howard Philpott has died

✎ Get down (get on up) get down (get on up)

14 Jan 2017

Some pure joy from 1979

✎ Transdiffusion’s Birmingham Soirée

9 Jan 2017

An informal meet-up for archive television and radio fans on 25 March 2017

✎ Jingle all the way

20 Dec 2016

The BBC-1 Christmas jingle from 1967

✎ Crushing your hopes at Christmas

19 Dec 2016

Sorry, no, it didn’t happen, no matter how much you wanted it to.

✎ Power cuts

25 Nov 2016

There’s a power cut in central London

✎ Le premier programme matinal en Europe

21 Nov 2016

French television looks on in amazement as les rosbifs interrupt breakfast by adding television

✎ Granada TV, Manchester 3

8 Aug 2016

A new microsite looking at Quay Street in 1966

✎ Sylvia Peters 1925-2016

28 Jul 2016

The Times newspaper today reports the death of Sylvia Peters, the BBC’s chief female announcer in the 1940s and 50s.

✎ World population explosion

18 Jun 2016

Some really good news in amongst this week’s misery.

✎ A word on Harlech notepaper

18 May 2016

A short videoblog about Harlech Television’s notepaper in 1969

✎ Grampian mystery

24 Apr 2016

Found on the end of a reel-to-reel tape…

✎ Victoria Wood 1953-2016

20 Apr 2016

The singer-actor-comedian-writer-producer has died aged 62

✎ Fountaineer

12 Apr 2016

A new minisite from Transdiffusion devoted to the soon-to-be-gone Wembley studios.

✎ #EverettDay

3 Apr 2016

We just found something good deep in our archive.

✎ Cliff Michelmore 1919-2016

17 Mar 2016

Broadcasting pioneer Cliff Michelmore has died at the age of 96

✎ Sylvia Anderson 1927-2016

16 Mar 2016

Remembering Sylvia Anderson, co-creator, co-writer and co-producer of many of the nation’s favourite children’s adventure shows.

✎ Asa Briggs 1921-2016

15 Mar 2016

Goodbye to one of our greatest media historians

✎ Dancing around the maypole

24 Feb 2016

Kennedy vs Nixon and history vs understanding


6 Feb 2016

A new charity anthology of writing about The Avengers is released today

We broke the code

2 Feb 2016

I think we now know ‘what’, but not ‘why’

Less is more

21 Jan 2016

Broadcast and basic cable in the US decides how to fight back against Netflix

33 years ago this morning

17 Jan 2016

BBC Breakfast Time launches

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-haired Men

11 Jan 2016

The late David Bowie makes an early appearance on ‘Tonight’ in 1964

Teletext time travel

7 Jan 2016

Bringing old teletext pages on VHS back to life

Lego Television Centre

4 Jan 2016

A TV studio made out of Lego and awesome


3 Jan 2016

Recreating the pre-history of TVS

We’re riding in a wonderland of snow

21 Dec 2015

The latest slow TV production from BBC Four

Quatermass and the pits

20 Dec 2015

When is a live show not a live show?

Sinong Doktor

18 Dec 2015

A man’s lonely crusade to save humanity from possible outer space attacks by Donald Sutherland

Population 51,201

18 Dec 2015

Showtime trails the 2017 return of the 1990 cult classic ‘Twin Peaks’


18 Dec 2015

Coming from Network Distribution in 2016…

Firing on all cylinders

17 Dec 2015

An open online archive of digitised wax cylinders from the dawn of the 20th century

Behind the scenes at ‘Dangermouse’

16 Dec 2015

A quick glimpse behind the scenes of the original Cosgrove-Hall ‘Dangermouse’.

Kathy Secker has died

16 Dec 2015

TTT chief announcer dies at home

Best possible taste

15 Dec 2015

BBC-4’s biopic gets a repeat showing

Celebrating Redvers

4 Dec 2015

A report from the funeral of Redvers Kyle

Wales in the Eighties

3 Dec 2015

BBC Wales looks at the principality in the 1980s – a decade of unemployment, depression and Superted

The World According to Kenny Everett

2 Dec 2015

ITV offers a look into Ev’s strange world

Andy Pandy To Zebedee

1 Dec 2015

Archive treats from BBC Four this Christmas

Flippin’ tech

30 Nov 2015

How to make dots that flip

12 ads of Christmas

29 Nov 2015

The Guardian’s pick of this year’s Xmas adverts