Welcome to Tyne Tees!

15 January 2016

Local luminaries and famous stars send Tyne Tees and The Viewer their best wishes

A Fond Farewell

17 August 2005

Tyne Tees is laid to rest, and City Road closed.

Rebranding TTTV

2 February 2004

A brand new spangley new look hits the station, and slowly starts being chipped away.

We Are One (Honest)

2 February 2004

ITV try to unite under one logo.

Suddenly Gone

2 February 2004

The branding decisions that ‘made’ C3NE.

Three’s Company

2 February 2004

The arrival and departure of Channel 3 North East.

The Accountants Move In

2 February 2004

Post-takeover and crippling costs hit the company as wave after wave of cutbacks occur.

Back in the Old Gang

2 February 2004

Yorkshire takes over Tyne Tees for the second time.

Forging the Trident

2 February 2004

From advertising sales to casinos via Tyne Tees and Yorkshire – the odd tale of Trident Television.

First Night

2 February 2004

A look at the first night’s schedule.

Launching the Station

2 February 2004

TV hits the North East