🔈 Lunch on Thames

5 Sep 2016

An off-air audio recording of the first half hour of Thames’s first proper programme.

Take that, Thames

24 Jul 2014

LWT tries to strike back

The players

3 Sep 2005

The companies that made Thames

The shotgun marriage

3 Sep 2005

Lord Hill’s diagnosis creates a new company

Taking Shape

3 Sep 2005

Build a better ITV company

Lights camera inaction

3 Sep 2005

The big launch makes a damp squib

Day in the life

3 Sep 2005

Thames’s first day on air

Everybody Out!

3 Sep 2005

Off with the show

Who’s the boss?

3 Sep 2005

Takeover talk spoils the party

Weekend World

3 Sep 2005

The competition

The Studios

3 Sep 2005

From the Euston Road to the banks of the Thames

Strike Out

3 Sep 2005

Industrial relations at Euston Road

London’s television

3 Sep 2005

Thames made the programmes that made Thames

A Thames Special

3 Sep 2005

What was it that made Thames stand out?


3 Sep 2005

How the unions ruined Thames and destroyed themselves

This is Euston

3 Sep 2005

Memories of the centre of ITV

Voice of Thames

3 Sep 2005

Tom Edwards remembers

Take me to the river

3 Sep 2005

Thames leaves a legacy we all can see today

Missing the river

3 Sep 2005

The loss of Thames damages ITV