Newsletter – 29 January 1971

30 October 2018

The goings on inside Thames in January 1971

Far from routine

16 October 2018

A random day at Thames in 1970… planned to the very second

Newsletter – 22 October 1971

2 October 2018

The goings on inside Thames in October 1971

Curse of the Mummy

18 September 2018

The Thames staff newsletter goes behind the scenes of an episode of ‘Mystery and Imagination’ in September 1969

Making children’s programmes

31 July 2018

Inside ITV’s biggest children’s department in 1977

Thames on the cover of the TVTimes

31 July 2018

The programming powerhouse of Thames, as seen on the covers of the TVTimes

Thames in the ITA and IBA yearbooks

31 July 2018

How Thames presented itself in every ITA/IBA yearbook from 1969 until 1988

Talk of Thames

30 July 2018

Celebrating 50 years of London’s Weekday ITV: Thames – a talent for television

A Closer View

30 July 2018

Behind the scenes at Thames in 1982

Company on the move

30 July 2018

In-depth into Thames Television in 1977

The players

3 September 2005

The companies that made Thames

The shotgun marriage

3 September 2005

Lord Hill’s diagnosis creates a new company

Taking Shape

3 September 2005

Build a better ITV company

Lights camera inaction

3 September 2005

The big launch makes a damp squib

Day in the life

3 September 2005

Thames’s first day on air

Everybody Out!

3 September 2005

Off with the show

Who’s the boss?

3 September 2005

Takeover talk spoils the party

Weekend World

3 September 2005

The competition

The Studios

3 September 2005

From the Euston Road to the banks of the Thames

Strike Out

3 September 2005

Industrial relations at Euston Road

London’s television

3 September 2005

Thames made the programmes that made Thames

A Thames Special

3 September 2005

What was it that made Thames stand out?


3 September 2005

How the unions ruined Thames and destroyed themselves

This is Euston

3 September 2005

Memories of the centre of ITV

Voice of Thames

3 September 2005

Tom Edwards remembers

Take me to the river

3 September 2005

Thames leaves a legacy we all can see today