Tele marks of 1966

28 September 2018

Fusion magazine looks back over an eventful year for Rediffusion

Coke’s tour

10 July 2018

Cyril Coke remembers filming abroad for series two of The Rat Catchers in 1966

How TV Commercials get made

5 June 2018

Rediffusion’s advertising agency on what makes good and bad television ads in 1965

Back to see

1 March 2018

⧉ A Rediffusion crew of two take to the high seas

Once a poacher…

26 January 2018

⧉ Cyril Coke finds himself moving up through the ranks with his new series in 1965

⧉ Achtung! Absence makes the heart grow fonder

8 September 2017

⧉ Over on our Rediffusion subsite, director Mark Lawton is seconded to West Germany in 1961… and the results are Not Good

⧉ Three before six

3 December 2015

TVTimes looks into Rediffusion’s unusual local news and features programme

⧉ This Week – The First Decade

1 January 2004

Looking back at ten years

Schools Television is 10

1 January 2004

It was, in 1967…

Beyond the Watershed

1 January 2004

A-R programming was not what it seemed

⧉ Can ITV Educate?

1 January 2004

A topical question in 1956