From Alexandra Palace to Elstree via satellite from Tokyo

10 May 2016

In 1976, producer Bill Ward recalls his time at BBCtv and ATV

Shaw Taylor: Dots Before His Eyes

29 March 2016

The TVTimes talks to Shaw Taylor about his ATV quiz show ‘Dotto’ in 1960

His dream became a TV miracle!

16 March 2016

‘The Viewer’ in 1959 explains who Norman Collins was and why he was important to the history of ITV

The joker who captured a telly station

29 February 2016

Daniel Farson interviews Kevin Goldstein-Jackson about the new TSW in 1981

Redvers Kyle 1929-2015

19 November 2015

Remembering one of the consummate voices of ITV

Andrew Gardner in his own words

15 October 2015

TVWorld magazine gives ITN newscaster Andrew Gardner four pages to describe his life in 1965

Who killed Simon Dee?

6 April 2015

Once Britain’s biggest star… and then gone. Why?

Three giants

2 March 2015

Leslie Mitchell, John Benson and Redvers Kyle

Delia Derbyshire

17 January 2014

Glenn Aylett remembers a master of modern music

David Croft

13 January 2014

Rob Williams remembers the master of making people laugh

Denis Forman

9 January 2014

David Brockman recalls Denis Forman, a founding father of ITV

Maureen Staffer

15 June 2013

Richard Jones speaks to Maureen Staffer, announcer and presenter for TWW

John Mead: Part III – Telly Welly

12 October 2011

Remembering John Mead: the memoirs of the late actor, announcer, producer and director John Mead from when he joined TWW

John Mead: Part II – Granadaland

2 October 2011

Remembering John Mead: the memoirs of the late actor, announcer, producer and director John Mead reach the Granada days

John Mead: Part I – from Bristol to BFN

2 October 2011

Remembering John Mead: the memoirs of the late actor, announcer, producer and director John Mead begin at the beginning

Robert Robinson

2 October 2011

A look back at the life and works of Robert Robinson, the thinking man’s thinking man.

Bryan Cowgill

25 April 2009

Pioneer of Pioneers

Bill Cotton Junior

30 November 2008

Creator of the BBC’s Golden Age of Light Entertainment

Mike Scott

26 October 2008

Presenter and executive extraordinaire

Sir Charles Wheeler

23 September 2008

Epitaph for the greatest BBC journalist

Verity Lambert

22 June 2008

Dr Who’s first producer dies

Ryan Davies

11 May 2008

All-round Welsh performer

Patrick Moore Part 3: National Treasure

16 December 2007

David Brockman concludes his exclusive

Patrick Moore Part 2: A National Institution

11 October 2007

Transdiffusion exclusive – 2

Patrick Moore Part 1: Astronomy on-screen

2 September 2007

Exclusive interview for Transdiffusion

Michael Grade

15 May 2007

Popular media mogul – UPDATED

Nigel Kneale

31 October 2006

Sci-fi genius

Daniel Farson

1 October 2006

The Outsider

Mike Neville

17 June 2006

North East television legend

Robin Jones

3 June 2006

Continuity Announcer

Mark McManus

3 June 2006

Haldane Duncan remembers the star of Taggart

Thomas Brownrigg

1 March 2006

Captain of Associated-Rediffusion

Gordon Roddick

1 December 2005

Scottish Television continuity announcer

Sir Christopher Chataway Part 3: TV Ancient & Modern

31 October 2005

Our interview concludes with Sir Christopher’s views on modern television

Sir Christopher Chataway Part 2: ITN wins its spurs

2 October 2005

How ITN rewrote the rulebook for television news

Howard Thomas Part 7: Lew Grade

2 October 2005

The ultimate rite of passage

Howard Thomas Part 6: The ITA

2 September 2005

By the time ABC arrived, many decisions had been made. Howard wanted them changed.

Sir Christopher Chataway Part 1: First with the news

1 September 2005

Following the sad news about Sir Christopher Chataway, we republish this 2005 interview with him remembering ITN’s opening night

Howard Thomas Part 5: Commercial TV

2 August 2005

Howard pushes ABPC to take the plunge

Ian Stirling

1 August 2005

Local legend

Howard Thomas Part 4: The BBC – II

2 July 2005

Thomas wins a war, and loses a battle

Dave Marshall

2 June 2005

STV relief announcer

Howard Thomas Part 3: The BBC – I

2 June 2005

The Corporation doesn’t know what to do with Howard Thomas

Howard Thomas Part 2: Commercial Radio

1 May 2005

Radio advertising by the back door

Howard Thomas Part 1: Getting Started

1 April 2005

Making headway in Manchester

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