Regional news against the clock

6 September 2021

A gallery of how Calendar was put together in 1986

What makes LONDONERS tick?

19 April 2021

Rediffusion’s last-minute attempt to get up close and personal with its region


10 February 2021

ITN staff remember Reginald Bosanquet after his death in 1984

Getting people and places together

25 January 2021

The trials and tribulations of getting the people to the places for Granada’s nightly magazine show

When Huw was told: ‘You looked just like a frightened rabbit’

11 January 2021

ITN’s house magazine The Lens looks back from 1983 at Huw Thomas’s on-air career

ENG – first with the news

30 April 2018

Yorkshire Television’s Calendar goes electronic in 1988

The BIG news – from ITN

26 February 2018

Introducing the new News at Ten in 1967

The irreverent young men of World in Action

5 February 2018

Inside Granada’s World in Action in 1967

Calling ALL Europe

29 January 2018

How the news gets from Europe to your TV screen in 1967

Huw Thomas, Newscaster

21 November 2017

Meet ITN’s newest newscaster in 1957

Next up: 107 dogs, two cats – and other come-ons to keep you watching

11 September 2017

Is clickbait a new thing? Find out in this 1981 article

ITN: The facts behind the news

1 August 2017

A quick guide to ITN in 1963

East-West relations

12 July 2017

The problems of serving a dual region in 1986

The Nation Decides

8 June 2017

TVTimes tells us what to expect from ITN’s coverage of the 1979 general election

First with the full story

9 February 2017

The editor of BBC-2’s ‘Newsroom’ announces its relaunch in the Radio Times in 1967

Meet the new man in the news

19 January 2017

The TVTimes introduces Gordon Honeycombe, a new ITN newsreader in 1965

Battle for News at Ten

19 December 2016

The chairman of the ITA details the fight to get ITN’s News at Ten to air on ITV

Twenty-Four Hours

29 September 2016

The Radio Times in 1966 spends an evening with the people behind BBC-1’s ’24 Hours’

About About Anglia

19 September 2016

In 1975, Anglia takes a peek behind the scenes of their local news magazine

Politics will soon come in out of the cold

6 June 2016

April 1976 and ITN finally gets the Westminster studio the correspondents have been wanting since 1955

Tomorrow’s News Tonight

11 February 2016

Introducing viewers in the North-East to their new news service in 1959

ITN faces

27 August 2015

Some famous ITN faces of the 1960s

Editorialising the News

1 July 2007

Politics subverts purpose

When news is a goldmine

25 June 2006

The media can rally a nation – but how far will they go for an exclusive?

First, fair, Fox?

30 April 2006

A fair and balanced commentary from Ian Beaumont

Blame it on the weathermap

3 June 2005

Scotland is too far away

Bias Towards Action

15 April 2005

Is it all our own fault?

New look for Five News

1 February 2005

Kirsty on the mezzanine

From Newsreel to News 24

1 September 2004

50 years of BBC Television News


1 April 2004

A new news for ITV – nationally and regionally

London’s news

1 January 2004

No more London News Network.

Newscasting begins

1 January 2004

A new approach to News

The Network’s News

1 January 2004

A new approach

The ITN Adventure

1 January 2004

Preparing for D-Day

Crisis at ITN

1 January 2004

Preparing for D-Day

Training as a TV news reporter

1 January 2004

Chris Chataway learns the ropes

A better News 24

1 January 2003

The government wants a better BBC News 24.

All new news

1 January 2003

ITN News Channel is now ITV News Channel. No change.

No news is good news

1 July 2002

ITN News Channel? No thanks

Five for news

1 June 2002

Why Five does it best

Federation News

1 May 2002

The problems of ITV1’s local news

Newsround Past

2 April 2002

Take a journey back to the early days

Newsround Present

1 April 2002

Newsround in the 21st Century

Set pieces

1 January 2002

Screen furniture from ITN

News At When

1 January 2002

The mistake of messing with the Ten

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