Yes, commercial T.V. is here

22 September 2020

Commercial television launches in London tonight – but how will that affect the people of Banbury?

Colour TV from Aberdeen today marks decade of Grampian viewing

24 July 2020

Ten years of Grampian are celebrated by them going into colour in 1971

A rationalised ITV structure

27 May 2019

The Daily Telegraph has a plan for ITV in 1971: tear it up and start again. It’s nonsense and we’ll tell you why

A Solid Step Forward

12 March 2018

A look at how IBA transmitters were going solid-state in 1975

How to receive BBC-2

22 May 2017

BBC-2 is on its way to the north of England. This 1965 leaflet tells you all you need to know about receiving it

The miracle of Eurovision

13 May 2017

The story of the Eurovision Network, told from the point of view of 1961

Television Comes to the Centre of England

17 December 2016

The Radio Times explains the technical achievements in building the Sutton Coldfield transmitter in 1949


22 September 2015

The physical networking arrangements of early ITV

Trouble with transmitters

23 March 2015

Setting up ITV gets serious: transmitters (or the lack of them) in 1954/5/6

One service, two areas, three audiences

12 January 2015

The trials of covering Wales and the west of England

Television comes to the Midlands

10 December 2014

Television arrives in the Midlands in 1949

Five into four won’t go

3 November 2014

Transmitter problems for Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and Anglia

The wool and the scouse

18 August 2014

In 1980, the Daily Telegraph reports on a challenger for Granada

That’s except for viewers in the midlands

28 July 2014

Regional variations apply to Monty Python’s Flying Circus in 1971

ATV Today – a Midland Montage

11 May 2008

The regional story

Eastern Promise

26 June 2006

Anglia was never the region it seemed

Up on Emley Moor…

1 December 2005

Former ITA Engineer David Lee’s story of the fateful day in 1969

Treading water

1 October 2005

After 46 years, does Ulster Television know where it’s going?

Looking North in ’85

1 December 2004

BBC North East two decades ago

Border Country

1 November 2004

Broadcasting in Cumbria

Roll out the barrel

1 January 2003

The notable ITV starts and closes

The List

1 January 2003

All the stations, all the times

Redraw the map

1 September 2001

Regions and how they work now

VHF off

1 September 2001

The joys of 405-line television

ITV 1956

1 September 2001

Starting a network

ITV 1957

1 September 2001

Covering just 4 regions

ITV 1967

1 September 2001


ITV 1977

1 September 2001


ITV 1987

1 September 2001

Towards 100%


1 September 2001

The ITA decides how ITV will be

First Reports

1 August 2001

Television comes to the BBC

New Affiliations

1 August 2001

How ITV could have been done


1 August 2001

Stealing television

On and off

1 July 2001

Notable ITV starts and closes