The Director-General’s Chair

1 January 2006

This time, Glen Aylett takes on the BBC’s top job

The Controller’s Chair: BBC TV

2 July 2005

James Pittman takes on the whole shebang. Good luck.

BBC Under Fire – 80s Style

1 April 2005

The events of last year were just the latest, says Glenn Aylett

Nothing Better Than Something

1 January 2005

Richard Elen finds the Green Paper less dangerous than the DG

Getting the BBC out of the way

24 February 2004

Richard Elen asks if the BBC really needs far reaching change

The Controller’s Chair: BBC One

1 January 2004

Ian Beaumont takes over another channel

The Controller’s Chair: BBC Three

1 January 2004

Third time wasn’t so lucky for BBC Three. Give Ian Beaumont a go

Third time lucky

1 January 2004

David Hastings reviews the first few months of BBC Three

Three’s Company

1 January 2004

Will Tudor welcomes the arrival of BBC Three

Force majeure

1 January 2004

Russ J Graham wonders if BBC4 is a godsend or a ghetto

Defending Auntie

1 January 2004

Ian Beaumont supports the BBC


1 February 2003

Russ J Graham on the end of live presentation

The Fools On The Hill Return

1 January 2002

Kif Bowden-Smith on the politics behind the return of TV in 1946

This is Britain

1 January 2002

Robin Carmody watches post-war Britain frozen in time

Principal Instrument

1 September 2001

Russ J Graham says the BBC is the best

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