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Southern get switched off

Published 27 June 2019

Reading’s Evening Post rushes out a front page splash to announce that Southern TV has lost its franchise in 1980

Tonight’s TVS and Channel 4… in 1990

Published 11 July 2018

A look at what was on TVS in the south and south east and Channel 4 on Wednesday 11 July 1990

Shotgun wedding

Published 18 June 2018

Has the IBA managed to bring peace to the Westward board room? And even if so, will they force Westward to merge with a rival bidder? Peter Fiddick of The Guardian speculates in October 1980

Losers search for the silver lining

Published 31 May 2018

What will Thames, TVS, TSW and TV-am do next? Broadcast magazine speculates in September 1992

Victorian Television

Published 10 May 2018

The Wall Street Journal looks on aghast at the 1991 ITV franchise auction

Tonight’s TVS… in 1984

Published 21 March 2018

A look at what was on TVS in the south and south-east on Wednesday 21 March 1984

Tonight’s TVS… in 1984

Published 28 January 2016

A look at what was on Television South on Saturday 28 January 1984


Published 3 January 2016

Recreating the pre-history of TVS

A new forest romp

Published 28 September 2015

The last gasp of the old-style start-up from one of the last new IBA companies

A dream factory

Published 30 November 2012

Rob Williams takes a tour of Television South

Regionally yours

Published 23 October 2008

Joy of Six: ITV regional idents This “top six” list of regional ITV idents controversially puts TSW in the top position ahead of ATV (the heretics); TSW’s second ident in…

From The South (part 2)

Published 2 October 2005

TV from Northam comes to an end

From The South (part 1)

Published 3 September 2005

TV from Northam spans a lifetime

All changes

Published 24 May 2004

The changes of style in a major minor


Published 24 May 2004

Now in colour

Design for life

Published 24 May 2004

An interview with designer Alan Scragg

Drifting south

Published 24 May 2004

The changes that have split the south

The List

Published 1 January 2003

All the stations, all the times

Bring in the new

Published 1 January 2002

David Hastings watches everything change

Southern Rhapsody

Published 1 January 2002

Phil Paterson watches the IBA kill a station

All Change

Published 1 September 2001

Colm O’Rourke recalls the last franchise round

Pleased to announce

Published 1 September 2001

Robin Carmody on Authority Announcements


Published 1 July 2001

Television takes on cinema in the regions

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