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Annual report 1969

Published 1 September 2021

1968 was a busy year for ATV Network, as this excerpt from their annual report for 1969 reveals

Brearley opens, but Chataway’s in the running

Published 19 July 2021

Who’s promising what in the race to be Britain’s first breakfast TV contractor?


Published 10 February 2021

ITN staff remember Reginald Bosanquet after his death in 1984

When Huw was told: ‘You looked just like a frightened rabbit’

Published 11 January 2021

ITN’s house magazine The Lens looks back from 1983 at Huw Thomas’s on-air career

Back in time for TV: 1989

Published 21 December 2020

For the last time in the present series, H E Cooper takes her time machine back to 1989 to find out what was on the telly…

Technical operations: the ITV network

Published 14 August 2020

The not-so-simple process of getting the output of the cameras to your TV screen in 1967

A Superb Souvenir of the Year’s Television

Published 20 March 2020

Pete Singleton travels back to 1958 to find out what was making waves in television

ITN reaches for the stars

Published 20 July 2019

More people chose to watch ITN’s coverage of the moon landings than the BBC’s.

News at 9.00 – news at 10.00?

Published 7 May 2019

Barry Norman in The Times criticises News at Ten in 1971. Thames bites back immediately

Bringing you the latest news…

Published 1 April 2019

Something we just found from ITN, and it’s amazing

Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1966

Published 31 March 2019

Travel back to this day in 1966 to find out what’s on Granada

Factsheet 1966: Taste, Accuracy, Impartiality in ITV Programmes

Published 13 September 2018

An introduction to content regulation on ITV in 1966

Factsheet 1966: The Independent Television Authority

Published 9 August 2018

An introduction to Independent Television in 1966

Breakfast TV: Snap, Crackle or Flop?

Published 25 June 2018

Will TV-am be a success? Peter Jay says yes. Others tell the Sunday Express Magazine in 1981 that it’s a disaster in the making

The BIG news – from ITN

Published 26 February 2018

Introducing the new News at Ten in 1967

Calling ALL Europe

Published 29 January 2018

How the news gets from Europe to your TV screen in 1967

Bringing the NEWS to you

Published 12 January 2018

⧉ Find out how ITN brought the news to us over on our 1960s culture site, my1960s.com

Huw Thomas, Newscaster

Published 21 November 2017

Meet ITN’s newest newscaster in 1957

The Nation Decides

Published 8 June 2017

TVTimes tells us what to expect from ITN’s coverage of the 1979 general election

Ron Davies: courageous cameraman

Published 9 March 2017

TVTimes in 1969 profiles Ron Davies – a cameraman for ITN and Harlech who uses a wheelchair

Meet the new man in the news

Published 19 January 2017

The TVTimes introduces Gordon Honeycombe, a new ITN newsreader in 1965

Battle for News at Ten

Published 19 December 2016

The chairman of the ITA details the fight to get ITN’s News at Ten to air on ITV

Robin Day in orbit

Published 17 October 2016

In an excerpt from his autobiography, Sir Robin Day recounts the moment he became famous

Tomorrow’s News Tonight

Published 11 February 2016

Introducing viewers in the North-East to their new news service in 1959

Andrew Gardner in his own words

Published 15 October 2015

TVWorld magazine gives ITN newscaster Andrew Gardner four pages to describe his life in 1965

ITN faces

Published 27 August 2015

Some famous ITN faces of the 1960s

Sir Christopher Chataway 1931-2014

Published 19 January 2014

BLOG: Sir Christopher Chataway has died. Read our 2005 interview with him.

The Launch of ITV

Published 25 November 2006

The beginning of ITV – in sound & vision

Sir Christopher Chataway Part 2: ITN wins its spurs

Published 2 October 2005

How ITN rewrote the rulebook for television news

Howard Thomas Part 6: The ITA

Published 2 September 2005

By the time ABC arrived, many decisions had been made. Howard wanted them changed.

Sir Christopher Chataway Part 1: First with the news

Published 1 September 2005

Following the sad news about Sir Christopher Chataway, we republish this 2005 interview with him remembering ITN’s opening night

London’s news

Published 1 January 2004

No more London News Network.

Newscasting begins

Published 1 January 2004

A new approach to News

The Network’s News

Published 1 January 2004

A new approach

The ITN Adventure

Published 1 January 2004

Preparing for D-Day

Crisis at ITN

Published 1 January 2004

Preparing for D-Day

Training as a TV news reporter

Published 1 January 2004

Chris Chataway learns the ropes

All new news

Published 1 January 2003

ITN News Channel is now ITV News Channel. No change.

No news is good news

Published 1 July 2002

ITN News Channel? No thanks

Set pieces

Published 1 January 2002

Screen furniture from ITN

Long fortnight

Published 1 June 2001

Russ J Graham reviews the 14-day rule and Suez

🔗 Crisis at ITN

Published 11 January 2001

No news is bad news

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