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Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1959

Published 3 November 2015

A look at what was on Granada on Tuesday 3 November 1959

Everybody out!

Published 1 October 2015

Remembering the strike-torn, strife-worn, cold, wet and miserable… 1980s

Sunshine and grit

Published 31 August 2015

From the North and showing it – Granada shows its roots

Granada TV Chelsea

Published 3 August 2015

Practical Television in 1958 looks at Granada’s branch studio in London

Job description

Published 4 May 2015

From the North: How to be a Granada announcer in 1969

Studio Zero

Published 16 March 2015

Having decent studio space: from pride to an embarrassment in 60 years

Having faith in colour

Published 26 January 2015

Sydney Bernstein argues against going colour in 1969

Choosing the companies

Published 5 January 2015

CREATING INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: The ITA picks the players for the new ITV in 1954

Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1963

Published 20 December 2014

What was on Granada on Friday 20 December 1963

Hello and goodbye

Published 8 December 2014

ABC, ATV London and Rediffusion bow out; Thames, LWT and Yorkshire come in

Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1966

Published 16 November 2014

What was on Granada on Wednesday 16 November 1966

Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1969

Published 1 October 2014

What was on Granada on Wednesday 1 October 1969

The wool and the scouse

Published 18 August 2014

In 1980, the Daily Telegraph reports on a challenger for Granada

Denis Forman

Published 9 January 2014

David Brockman recalls Denis Forman, a founding father of ITV

Manchester loses its Granada TV sign

Published 27 September 2010

Anyone who ever visited Manchester city centre will know there’s plenty of great delights to admire. And I’m not talking about the Arndale Centre here.

The road to ITV’s recovery

Published 18 September 2010

Russ J Graham on what lessons can be learned from ITV making great drama for the BBC

“A rose by any other name…”

Published 28 May 2009

Granada name to disappear from ITV businesses When Apple Inc.’s Steve Jobs first introduced the Apple TV set top box (which displays media content downloaded from the iTunes Store) during…

Gone but never forgotten

Published 19 March 2009

Simon Luxton on the end of regional names on ITV1

Mike Scott

Published 26 October 2008

Presenter and executive extraordinaire

It’s a long way down

Published 7 August 2008

Viewpoint: Ofcom is key player in ITV drama So Michael Grade is threatening to hand back ITV plc’s Channel 3 regional licences since it’s now claimed that under the current…

The popular and unpopular with TBS writers

Published 6 February 2008

Over the last few months we’ve been rolling out a new feature at Transdiffusion. Nicknamed “More About”, it involves putting in a link next to articles to find out similar articles on particular subject.

30 Years Ago Today

Published 1 February 2007

How has British TV changed after three decades?

Tiptoe through the Startups – 3

Published 2 November 2006

Roddy Buxton continues his trawl through the Transdiffusion archives

Tiptoe through the Startups – 2

Published 1 October 2006

Roddy continues his journey through the Transdiffusion archives.

What The Papers Say: 50 years

Published 30 April 2006

Granada is 50: we profile their longest-running programme

Why ITV Matters 2

Published 1 January 2006

Concluding the views of ITV’s former Director of Programmes

Why ITV Matters 1

Published 1 December 2005

David Liddiment gives a personal view


Published 3 September 2005

From 1955 to 2005 by way of changing priorities and consumerism

The ITV Top 10: 1 – Granada

Published 3 September 2005

Because someone had to win

Four into three goes…

Published 1 April 2005

Three regions, four contractors. How? Why? asks Richard G Elen

Television Gets A Complex

Published 1 January 2005

The earliest architecture of television

Whither ITV?

Published 1 November 2004

Andrew Bowden sees a post-analogue future

Identity crisis

Published 24 May 2004

At Independent Television

Who killed the continuity announcers?

Published 24 May 2004

We ask the question


Published 24 May 2004

Definitely from the North

Little arrows

Published 24 May 2004

How Granada pointed the way

Down in front

Published 24 May 2004

The important information was at the start of the programme

Nevermind: Granada

Published 24 May 2004

An untraced pre-launch symbol that didn’t point north

We Are One (Honest)

Published 2 February 2004

ITV try to unite under one logo.

Suddenly Gone

Published 2 February 2004

The branding decisions that ‘made’ C3NE.

Three’s Company

Published 2 February 2004

The arrival and departure of Channel 3 North East.

The New Rays of Light

Published 1 January 2004

Television moves in on the cinema and theatre

Big Brother’s Bigger Brother

Published 7 October 2003

Russ J Graham on those who have been kicked out of ITV

Continuity Past – Leeds

Published 3 August 2003

Cost saving and centralisation in the north

Rebranding TTT

Published 1 March 2003

The new look that came ten years too late

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