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Television Comes to the Centre of England

Published 17 December 2016

The Radio Times explains the technical achievements in building the Sutton Coldfield transmitter in 1949

The Voice of Liberty

Published 28 November 2016

What the BBC meant to the people of occupied France

Under construction

Published 17 November 2016

The BBC Handbook for 1961 celebrates the opening of the first studio at Television Centre

New Broadcasting House

Published 20 October 2016

Construction is well underway of the BBC’s new Broadcasting House in 1931

The Diary of David Heathcote (5)

Published 8 October 2016

David Heathcote tells the story of his life in and out of broadcasting

Broadcasting the Olympic Games

Published 22 August 2016

The BBC’s senior engineer explains how they broadcast the 1948 London Olympics

Heard around the world

Published 18 August 2016

The BBC Year-book of 1931 explains how a King’s speech was heard around the world

✎ Asa Briggs 1921-2016

Published 15 March 2016

Goodbye to one of our greatest media historians

Tonight’s BBC radio… in 1938

Published 7 February 2016

A look at what was on the BBC’s radio networks on Monday 7 February 1938

The Cesspit Beneath

Published 27 January 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day: the BBC’s Richard Dimbleby describes entering the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in April 1945

33 years ago this morning

Published 17 January 2016

BBC Breakfast Time launches

Flippin’ tech

Published 30 November 2015

How to make dots that flip

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1966

Published 21 November 2015

A look at what was on BBCtv on Monday 21 November 1966

Faces of war

Published 5 November 2015

The BBC decides to reveal all when war breaks out

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1960

Published 21 October 2015

A look at what was on the BBC Television Service on 21 October 1960

The War Game

Published 8 October 2015

The Director-General steps in and bans broadcast of a docudrama

Happy ending

Published 10 September 2015

A forgotten BBC gem


Published 25 August 2015

There’s only one BBC

Back Bone Cheer

Published 30 March 2015

The BBC finally fights back against its critics

Comparison confusion

Published 18 November 2014

When it was suggested recently that the BBC’s current affairs division could somehow be separated completely and turned into a commercial entity, the mere thought of this certainly produced a…

Relay race

Published 10 November 2014

Comparing VHF and UHF

Genome genius

Published 16 October 2014

The BBC’s wonderful new searchable listings archive

Small world, big circles

Published 15 September 2014

Radio speaks peace until war comes

The second week

Published 8 September 2014

As war comes to the world, the Radio Times is ready

How to use testcard F

Published 18 August 2014

From 1967, the BBC gives instructions on how to use the new colour testcard

The Copenhagen Plan

Published 4 August 2014

March 1950, and it’s time to retune your radio

The BBC in 1982

Published 15 June 2014

A BBC leaflet sent out with paper licences in 1982 gives us an outline of its history, organisation and policy

BBC-2 News

Published 15 June 2014

BBC-2 News for Spring 1968 brings you all the 625 and colour information you need

BBC Digital – April 1999

Published 15 June 2014

What you can see from the BBC in the new, exciting world of digital television

Lack of choice

Published 5 March 2014

BLOG: From rumours to facts – BBC Three is on the closure list

Yesterday’s news?

Published 5 February 2014

BLOG: 25 years of Sky News

50 Years of Top of the Pops

Published 1 January 2014

BLOG: How the anniversary of Top of the Pops went little marked


Published 6 November 2013

BLOG: More power to your what now?

The Key to a Long Gone Door

Published 1 November 2013

BLOG: A little bit of Bush House to take with me wherever I go

Undermining BBC trust

Published 9 September 2013

BLOG: Looking deeper into the BBC Trust

Dear America: this is not the BBC

Published 13 August 2013

BLOG: This is supposed to represent the BBC?

Brian Cant turns 80

Published 12 July 2013

BLOG: Brian Cant, the voice of the childhoods of three generations, turns 80 today.

Seconds out

Published 12 April 2013

BLOG: Ding-dong the radio is censored

Newsnight’s chaos and confusion

Published 22 February 2013

BLOG: A lot of faffing about

Entwistle’s exit

Published 14 November 2012

BLOG: The director-general is lost

Hurricane Danny

Published 1 November 2012

BLOG: Danny Baker is lost

Farewell, Pages From Ceefax

Published 22 October 2012

BLOG: Goodbye Ceefax

Giant leap

Published 26 August 2012

Kif Bowden-Smith remembers watching one of the greatest events in human history – live

Thompson’s tactical errors

Published 23 August 2012

BLOG: BBC Director-General gone

Farewell, Bvsh Hovse

Published 12 July 2012

BLOG: The BBC World Service’s main studios fall silent for the first time since 1940

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