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On the dot with that spot

Published 8 June 2018

Routine sheets get the ads to the viewer with split-second timing in 1957

Tonight’s ATV London… in 1965

Published 3 January 2018

A look at what was on ATV in London on Sunday 3 January 1965

AYTEEVEE – the entertainment network 1955-1981

Published 25 December 2017

⧉ Our brand new subsite, celebrating ATV, the nation’s top entertainment station 1955-1981

My hundred faces

Published 23 February 2017

A limited budget sends Bernard Braden rummaging through wardrobe in 1963

✎ Crushing your hopes at Christmas

Published 19 December 2016

Sorry, no, it didn’t happen, no matter how much you wanted it to.

► Exit ATV, pursued by LWT

Published 1 December 2016

Audio of David Frost introducing the new London Weekend before Trevor Lucas takes ATV London off air for the final ever time

Faith – and 7,000,000 viewers

Published 15 September 2016

The TVTimes in 1961 looks at the men behind the two most popular religious programmes on ITV – ‘The Sunday Break’ and ‘About Religion’

The men who make music go round

Published 13 April 2016

Jack Parnell and Bob Sharples in action

Tonight’s ATV London… in 1964

Published 28 November 2015

A look at what was on ATV in London on Saturday 28 November 1964

Tonight’s ITV… in 1955

Published 22 September 2015

What was on ITV on Thursday 22 September 1955

Tonight’s TV… in 1967

Published 17 June 2015

A look at what was on television on 17 June 1967

Tonight’s ATV London… in 1956

Published 20 May 2015

What was on ATV London on Sunday 20 May 1956

Tonight’s ATV… in 1955

Published 25 December 2014

What was on ATV on Christmas Day 1955

Hello and goodbye

Published 8 December 2014

ABC, ATV London and Rediffusion bow out; Thames, LWT and Yorkshire come in

Tonight’s ATV… in 1955

Published 27 November 2014

What was on ATV London on Sunday 27 November 1955

Battle of the Alphas

Published 1 February 2007

British and US film series were a treat for 60s viewers

The Launch of ITV

Published 25 November 2006

The beginning of ITV – in sound & vision

London ITA 1968

Published 24 November 2006

One of the most radical changes to hit the ITV network


Published 1 February 2006

The London Television Consortium had a hard lesson to learn

Howard Thomas Part 7: Lew Grade

Published 2 October 2005

The ultimate rite of passage


Published 24 May 2004

Bold as brass

Indepth on ATV Network

Published 24 May 2004

The shadowed eye

ATV London

Published 1 January 2004

The forgotten ATV

Watching London

Published 1 November 2002

David Brockman watches the fall, rise and fall of LWT

Getting it right

Published 1 September 2001

Kif Bowden-Smith watches Rediffusion add respectability to ITV.