Monument to an Engineer’s Hobby

10 April 2019

Westinghouse recalls the history of KDKA in 1939

It’s funny how careful an announcer must be

27 February 2019

Meet David Geary, Anglia’s new newsreader in 1973

Training Broadcast Announcers

13 February 2018

Fluffing of foreign words leads KDKA to train announcers for the first time in 1922

Anglia’s dancing ‘Senorita’

8 February 2018

About Anglia’s new reporter, Joan Shenton, talks to the TVTimes in 1966

Huw Thomas, Newscaster

21 November 2017

Meet ITN’s newest newscaster in 1957

Why I created Torchy

14 November 2017

Roberta Leigh explains the genesis of ABC’s new puppet show to the TVTimes in 1959

Silence in Sport?

3 October 2017

Should commentators just shut up? The TVTimes asks Southern’s team in 1965

Doris Hare just can’t keep off the buses

19 September 2017

A look at how Doris Hare rose to fame from 1971

Timothy’s years between

29 August 2017

Granada and the TVTimes in 1960 look at what became of the baby from A Diary for Timothy

Introducing… Eddie Waring

2 May 2017

The Radio Times in 1968 speaks to Rugby League commentator Eddie Waring

Introducing… Bill Grundy

25 April 2017

The Radio Times in 1969 speaks to ‘It’s Saturday’ presenter Bill Grundy

Ron Davies: courageous cameraman

9 March 2017

TVTimes in 1969 profiles Ron Davies – a cameraman for ITN and Harlech who uses a wheelchair

Meet the new man in the news

19 January 2017

The TVTimes introduces Gordon Honeycombe, a new ITN newsreader in 1965

They work right on at the end of the road

24 December 2016

Spare a thought for the men keeping the Lichfield transmitter on air at Christmas in 1964

It all began with green stripes on my face

15 November 2016

Noele Gordon remembers testing colour television with John Logie Baird in the 1930s

When I was in – at the start of TV

10 November 2016

Commander A B Campbell tells the tale of his first appearance on TV