The Saint

9 March 2018

⧉ ITC’s new series ‘The Saint’ lets Roger Moore get away from fighting in 1962

The Magical World of the Andersons

17 October 2017

A quick profile of Gerry Anderson and the Thunderbirds from 1966

Youth in television drama

13 June 2017

Who are Britain’s up-and-coming young actors in 1963? The ATV Television Show Book finds out

Sapphire and Steel appeal

16 May 2017

Look-in magazine talks to Joanna Lumley about her exciting new ATV series ‘Sapphire and Steel’ in 1979

They always have an answer

30 March 2017

Inside ATV’s Postbag in 1963

My hundred faces

23 February 2017

A limited budget sends Bernard Braden rummaging through wardrobe in 1963

Booked… for seven years

2 February 2017

Jerry Allen talks about appearing on 1,600 editions of ATV’s ‘Lunch Box’ in 1963

These are the Plane Makers

13 October 2016

A look behind the scenes at ATV’s ‘The Plane Makers’ in 1963