Gremlins hit big TV opening

7 August 2020

The Daily Mirror pokes fun at the disaster that was Harlech’s launch night

A TV Tycoon Replies

6 June 2020

A splendid 1972 rant from Westward’s Peter Cadbury on who should pay for ITV-2

Stop watch man starts UTV

31 October 2019

The Sunday Independent in Dublin reports on the opening of Ulster Television

Making the weather

28 October 2019

From the vaults: Anglia’s Michael Hunt explains how the weather is made in 1975

Clangers in the Romper Room

28 October 2019

From the vaults: the TVTimes meets Miss Rosalyn of Anglia’s The Romper Room in 1967

Southern get switched off

27 June 2019

Reading’s Evening Post rushes out a front page splash to announce that Southern TV has lost its franchise in 1980

Commercials? You’ll love ’em!

17 April 2019

From the vaults: Tyne Tees Television’s ‘The Viewer’ listings magazine explains television advertisements to a new audience in 1959

Tory-Weighted Programmers For Britain’s Comm’l TV Spark Rumpus

29 November 2018

The first ITV contracts are announced in November 1954… but, as Variety reports, politicians are worried

Private Eye’s take on the 1979 ITV strike

25 October 2018

Satirical magazine Private Eye’s view of the ITV strike in 1979

‘Air hostesses’ – new style

17 October 2018

Meet Muriel Young and Daphne Anderson, announcers for Associated-Rediffusion and ABC (aka ATV) in 1955

Now it’s jingle all the way

22 January 2018

A good jingle can sell you anything – in 1957, at least

A day out to Quay Street

7 November 2017

Tom Hargreaves remembers a tour around Granada’s studios in 1967

On the scent of a ghost

31 October 2017

⧉ Over on our Rediffusion site, join Redvers Kyle for a catalogue of spooky experiences

ITN: The facts behind the news

1 August 2017

A quick guide to ITN in 1963

East-West relations

12 July 2017

The problems of serving a dual region in 1986

ITV: the answer to complaints

9 May 2017

The ITA answers back to critics who say ITV is too violent and commercial

The Stones in Hyde Park

2 March 2017

The story of Granada’s ambitious 1969 colour special

The Director

12 January 2017

Is being a TV director the job for you? The TVTimes in 1969 finds out

Announcers’ choice

25 December 2016

The pick of your holiday viewing in 1964 from your ATV and ABC announcers

Westward Region

15 December 2016

British Railways helps launch the new Westward Television in 1961

Making the weather

24 November 2016

Anglia’s Michael Hunt explains how the weather is made in 1975

Face up to colour

15 November 2016

The changes the make-up artists at Thames, Yorkshire and ATV had to make for the introduction of colour TV

Oh, what a day for two little bears

27 October 2016

TVWorld magazine introduces Tingha and Tucker

Thank U and Goodnight

17 October 2016

Colm O’Rourke watches the end of one era and the start of another

ITV 1955: The view from Australia

22 September 2016

How The Age reacted to the birth of ITV

ITV 1955: The view from Canada

22 September 2016

How the Ottawa Citizen reacted to the birth of ITV

ITV 1955: The view from Scotland

22 September 2016

How the Glasgow newspapers reacted to the birth of ITV

ITV 1955: The view from America

22 September 2016

How the Daytona Beach Morning Journal reacted to the birth of ITV

Dear Mr Hargreaves…

8 September 2016

A lovely letter in 1967 explains how Granada TV presentation works

Politics will soon come in out of the cold

6 June 2016

April 1976 and ITN finally gets the Westminster studio the correspondents have been wanting since 1955

The power of TV

5 May 2016

The Central Electricity Generating Board on how what we watch affects their work in 1962

The men who make music go round

13 April 2016

Jack Parnell and Bob Sharples in action

From Aston to Paradise

29 March 2016

The handover from the Alpha Studios in Aston to the new Paradise Centre in Birmingham in 1969

His dream became a TV miracle!

16 March 2016

‘The Viewer’ in 1959 explains who Norman Collins was and why he was important to the history of ITV

Seen and Heard

24 February 2016

Redvers Kyle explains his new experimental schools programme in 1963

The Immaculate Avengers

17 February 2016

The TVTimes looks into the fashions of The Avengers in 1963

Tomorrow’s News Tonight

11 February 2016

Introducing viewers in the North-East to their new news service in 1959

Commercials? You’ll love ’em!

1 February 2016

‘The Viewer’ in 1959 explains television advertisements to a new audience

Welcome home to TVTimes

25 October 2015

The TVTimes celebrates the return of ITV after the long 1979 strike

Everybody out!

1 October 2015

Remembering the strike-torn, strife-worn, cold, wet and miserable… 1980s

I found my thrill on Beulah Hill

22 September 2015

Reaching for the service area

ITN faces

27 August 2015

Some famous ITN faces of the 1960s

Come to an end

26 July 2015

TWW’s last ever programme – in full

Thames goes colour

10 July 2015

A little campaign for a big change

Famous faces

20 October 2014

The six people who kept Londoners and Midlanders in the picture in 1963