That’s except for viewers in the Midlands

5 October 2019

From the vaults: regional variations apply to Monty Python’s Flying Circus in 1971

Who’s who in Dr. Who

29 August 2019

Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who is getting scarier, says the Daily Express in 1971

BBC-2 transmitting stations

15 May 2019

From the vaults: BBC-2 transmitters in service and planned in 1968

Birmingham’s local millstone

19 November 2018

Is Pebble Mill a white elephant? It has been, but that might be about to change says the Daily Telegraph in 1972

Avis Scott

23 March 2017

A quick profile of BBCtv relief announcer Avis Scott from 1955

Making the Camera Lie

16 February 2017

The 1937 viewer may be surprised to learn that some parts of television are – gasp! – not real

First with the full story

9 February 2017

The editor of BBC-2’s ‘Newsroom’ announces its relaunch in the Radio Times in 1967

In place of the advertised programme…

26 January 2017

The Radio Times talks about the thought that goes into postponing a programme

Thirty girls with TV secrets

8 December 2016

A fine slice of sexism from 1955

Twenty-Four Hours

29 September 2016

The Radio Times in 1966 spends an evening with the people behind BBC-1’s ’24 Hours’

BBC-2 News

15 June 2014

BBC-2 News for Spring 1968 brings you all the 625 and colour information you need