Independent radio

ILR 1979

How Independent Local Radio looked and sounded in 1979

Tune-in battle on the radio

4 November 2020

Independent local radio is on its way, says ATV’s Norman Collins… in 1959

Commercial radio on way – 60 stations to be opened

28 September 2020

The government gives the go-ahead for Independent Local Radio in 1971

Hitting the peak

17 August 2020

Inside the sound of High Peak Radio

Scandal FM

18 February 2019

Ofcom plans to further deregulate Independent Local Radio. But are things already too lax? Come hear the tale of political corruption at an ILR station in 1994

The Sound of ILR

1 October 2018

Some technical details of how Independent Local Radio sounds so different in 1977

Heartbreak on the line

30 January 2017

Radio Guide in May 1976 takes a look at late night ILR phone-ins

Beacon car crash

17 August 2015

When a phone-in programme goes disastrously wrong

194 Radio City – new for ’82!

1 December 2014

Liverpool’s Radio City celebrates being #1 in 1982

ILR in 1977

24 November 2014

A look back at the first wave of ILR stations and where they are now

From a distance

30 November 2012

Nigel Stapley twirls the FM dial in the days when that meant silence or hiss

Former home of the Shock Jocks

27 November 2008

A past more interesting than the present

Tested to Destruction

22 June 2008

Survey slaves are killing radio’s originality

City Talk

9 April 2007

James Barrington remembers Liverpool’s Radio City

Launch Dates: Independent Local Radio

19 December 2006

The original contractors in the real ILR system

X marks the spot

1 January 2004

Darryl Chamberlain on an attempt to revolutionise radio

Spread South West

15 August 2001

Local radio makes its way down the Cornwall peninsular

Off Centre

15 August 2001

A sudden end to an ILR story


15 August 2001

The slow birth of a radio behemoth

Radio in Cornwall

15 August 2001

The slow arrival of radio in the south west

GWR in trouble

15 August 2001

The slow death of a radio behemoth

Golden Oldies

15 August 2001

The spread of a radio phenomena

As if by magic…

15 August 2001

Mike Brown’s personal view of AbracaDABra

From Downtown to out of town

15 August 2001

ILR hits northern Ireland.

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