BBC Radio

Tonight’s BBC radio… in 1964

31 July 2019

A look at what was on BBC radio on Friday 31 July 1964

The rise of ‘Take It From Here’

24 September 2018

The 1950 BBC Handbook celebrates the big hit for the Light Programme in 1949: Take It From Here by Denis Norden and Frank Muir

How Britannia Rules Her Wavelengths

9 July 2018

Norman Collins is disappointed with the government’s White Paper on Broadcasting Policy in 1967

How “In Town To-night” is Put on the Air

7 May 2018

Inside the hit BBC National Programme series ‘In Town To-night’, from 1935

Czechoslovakia – a distraction?

9 April 2018

Did the BBC’s External Services help, hinder or just inform the revolution in Prague in 1968?

BBC Radio Merseyside

22 November 2017

Celebrate 50 years of BBC Radio Merseyside with a trip back to their launch

Radio 1 is Won-der-ful

29 September 2017

Remembering Radio 1’s first morning

The BBC Time Signals

18 September 2017

An introduction to how time works and why the Greenwich pips are important from 1931

The beginning of a new service

4 September 2017

Pay a visit to the newly opened Brookmans Park transmitter in 1931 as the BBC’s “Regional Scheme” begins


5 June 2017

Why didn’t the government take over the running of the BBC in 1940?

The new look in radio

13 March 2017

Frank Gillard in 1964 on the launch of the BBC Music Programme and the realignment of the BBC’s three radio networks

Announcing from the inside

12 December 2016

BBC announcer John Snagge tries to define what makes a BBC announcer

The Voice of Liberty

28 November 2016

What the BBC meant to the people of occupied France

Long live regional broadcasting

7 November 2016

Novelist L.A.G. Strong explains why regional broadcasting is so important in 1945

Northern exposure

24 October 2016

A new BBC transmitter is being built near Slaithwaite in 1931

The birth of ITMA

10 October 2016

Ted Kavanagh explains where wartime hit ‘ITMA’ came from

Going local

12 September 2016

The BBC Handbook for 1968 explains how BBC local radio is spreading

The Cesspit Beneath

27 January 2016

Holocaust Memorial Day: the BBC’s Richard Dimbleby describes entering the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in April 1945

Faces of war

5 November 2015

The BBC decides to reveal all when war breaks out

Merseyside, Merseyside, Merseyside all the way through

22 November 2014

Welcome to Radio Merseyside

Rolling news, radio style

17 November 2014

The Guardian in 1992 reports on a new BBC 24-hour news radio station

The Swinging New Radio Service

30 September 2014

Radio 1 swings on to the air

The Copenhagen Plan

4 August 2014

March 1950, and it’s time to retune your radio

A Day In The Life… Sort Of

16 January 2011

Radio 1’s oldest listener looks back on a life tuning in to the wireless.

Humph – A Tribute

22 June 2008

Nigel Stapley remembers

Broadcasting the Bards

9 March 2008

Welsh poetry on the air

Listen up!

16 December 2007

BBC Listen Again goes upmarket – briefly

Revolution at the BBC

3 October 2007

The birth of Radios 1-4

One, Two, Three, Four…

3 October 2007

The coming of Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4

Radio’s tidal waves

3 October 2007

Robin Carmody looks back on his Moment

Radio 1 memories

3 October 2007

Roddy Buxton remembers

Past Radio 1

3 October 2007

Recalling Radio 1

40 years of Radios 1-4

3 October 2007

Mike Brown’s memories

Radio One at 40: an appraisal

3 October 2007

Jonathan Bufton takes stock

Life with Radio 2

3 October 2007

More than Sunday Lunch

Radio 1 – love it or loathe it

3 October 2007

A love/hate relationship

Inform, educate, entertain

3 October 2007

Radio 4: a personal history

A Musical Learning Curve

3 October 2007

Radio One at 40

Radio Two: A personal memoir

3 October 2007

Kirk Northrop surprises himself

Radio recall

3 October 2007

Growing up with Radios 1 & 2

Stop The Week

1 June 2007

Anatomy of a popular radio series

The Many Lives of BBC Radio Sport

9 April 2007

Glenn Aylett looks at sports coverage since 1945

Launch Dates: BBC Local Radio

13 December 2006

On and off with BBC LR

Just for you

1 January 2005

The recent history of Radio 2, and its change from “Radio Grim Reaper” to being the most popular station on the dial.

Turbulent 1

1 January 2004

Another revolution at Radio One