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Come on – let yourself go

7 July 2018

Introducing the bizarre world of Granada TV’s ‘Nice Time’ in 1968

Girl behind the news

6 July 2018

Meet the woman who sells dresses by day and reads the local ATV news by night in 1956

The serious side of comedy

3 July 2018

Harry H Corbett talks deeply about his comedy series Mr Aitch in 1967

King of the talent seekers

29 June 2018

The story of Hughie Green, as told by the TVTimes in 1964

Double Your Money in Moscow

27 June 2018

Rediffusion takes Double Your Money on the road… to Moscow in 1966

The Magical World of the Andersons

23 June 2018

A 1966 profile of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and their latest work of art: Thunderbirds

Where were Elton and Miss Piggy when the lights went out?

22 June 2018

Elton John gives an interview to TVTimes to coincide with his appearance on The Muppet Show in 1977

The Rediffusion dictionary of TV English

20 June 2018

A humorous look at potential Rediffusion slang from 1967

Fool House!

15 June 2018

Norman Hudis introduces his new ABC sitcom, Our House, in 1960

Computer suite – no admittance

13 June 2018

It’s all go as the advertising department at Rediffusion installs a computer in 1966

On the dot with that spot

8 June 2018

Routine sheets get the ads to the viewer with split-second timing in 1957

How TV Commercials get made

5 June 2018

Rediffusion’s advertising agency on what makes good and bad television ads in 1965

Blackpool Night Out

1 June 2018

ABC opens the new Blackpool Theatre with ‘Blackpool Night Out’ in 1964

Morecambe and Wise

29 May 2018

Meet the stars of ATV’s hit comedy sketch show in 1962


26 May 2018

Millions tune in every Saturday to watch the wrestling on ITV in 1962

Brian Tesler makes his ITV bow

25 May 2018

TVTimes announces ATV’s latest poach from the BBC – a producer named Brian Tesler – in 1957

So Diddy David is at the crossroads

22 May 2018

The Daily Express asks what’s next for David Hamilton in 1967

Back in time for TV: 14-20 April 1964

19 May 2018

HE Cooper takes a time machine back to 14-20 April 1964 for a look at what was on the telly

Three year diary

18 May 2018

The 1964 contract renewal won, Howard Thomas explains what ABC will be doing for the next three years

Ready Steady Goes LIVE!

15 May 2018

No more miming as Ready Steady Go moves from Television House to Wembley in 1965

It’s a tough life being a Saint

4 May 2018

Ian Ogilvy discusses his fear of fame as he completes a series of the Return of the Saint in 1978

Marconi mobile television

3 May 2018

In city, town or country, Marconi Outside Broadcast equipment is the toast of 1954 – see why in our new microsite

Interviewing the stars

1 May 2018

John Parsons explains how he gets his interviews in the can for ABC’s Film Fanfare in 1956

Eamonn Andrews calling…

27 April 2018

Look Westward magazine profiles Eamonn Andrews and previews his new Saturday night chat show in 1964

Where is TV’s ‘Nouvelle vague’?

24 April 2018

Can Associated-Rediffusion do television plays for television? Nobody else seems to be doing so, writes Peter Graham Scott in 1961

Shaw Taylor

19 April 2018

Meet ATV’s Shaw Taylor, former actor, continuity announcer and now host of ‘Pencil and Paper’ in 1962

Meet Horace Low…

17 April 2018

Introducing Horace Low, technical store keeper at Alpha Studios in Birmingham in 1965


13 April 2018

A special feature website on the relaunch of Rediffusion London in April 1964

A Golden Hour

13 April 2018

ATV responds to accusation that their programming is too light with a heavy hour of peak-time arts in 1963

Progress report from Teddington

10 April 2018

An update on the refurbishment of ABC’s Teddington studios in 1962

Independent Television in 1959

8 April 2018

Our new microsite takes a snapshot of ITV as it stood in the middle of 1959

Back in time for TV: 4-10 March 1961

7 April 2018

HE Cooper takes a time machine back to 4-10 March for a look at what was on the telly

Peyton Place… 76 acres of real life

6 April 2018

An in-depth look at the people behind the scenes at hit soap opera Peyton Place in 1967

Private detective in the Public Eye

5 April 2018

TVTimes introduces ABC’s new Saturday night drama series in 1965

Backstage with ‘On Stage’

29 March 2018

⧉ Going backstage with the producers of A-R’s ‘On Stage’ in 1957

Back in time for TV: 18-24 February 1960

24 March 2018

HE Cooper takes a time machine back to 18-24 February 1960 for a look at what was on the telly

Happy birthday! to ‘Seeing Sport’

20 March 2018

⧉ The TVTimes welcomes the second series of ATV’s ‘Seeing Sport’ in 1957

Thorn EMI’s Videodiscs

7 March 2018

An exciting new technology offers 60 minutes of video on a 10″ silvered disc. It’s the future, according to this 1983 brochure

Hawaiian Eye and 77 Sunset Strip

2 March 2018

⧉ Two favourite American detective series in 1963

Back to see

1 March 2018

⧉ A Rediffusion crew of two take to the high seas

Presenting the difference

27 February 2018

⧉ How do you differentiate your two-day ITV company against a five-day behemoth?

Games people play with Monkhouse

22 February 2018

⧉ Bob Monkhouse talks about his history of game shows as he prepares for a series of Celebrity Squares in 1975

Introducing the folk who live in Weavers Green

16 February 2018

⧉ The TVTimes introduces us to the cast of the new Anglia soap opera Weavers Green in 1966

Down in the basement…

15 February 2018

⧉ You’d have to go a long way to find another basement quite like the one at Television House


9 February 2018

⧉ Exploring Bonanza and Rawhide, two favourite Western series of the 1960s