Citizen’s Band Radio

The new craze that’s gripping the nation in 1984

Pennine Radio in 1979

Take a look at Pennine Radio in Bradford

It’s a race against time

⧉ Over on our ABC subsite, the TVTimes in 1958 looks at the rush to get Outside Broadcasts on air at Christmas

Radio Orwell in 1979

Take a look at Radio Orwell in Ipswich

John Edmunds is too busy for romance

⧉ Over on our ABC site, the TVTimes interviews John Edmunds in 1957 to find out why he isn’t dating a girl

Metro Radio in 1979

Take a look at Metro Radio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

LBC in 1979

Take a look at LBC in London

Independent Television Service for Wales and the West

Inside a twice forgotten strange interlude

Radio Hallam in 1979

Take a look at Radio Hallam in Sheffield

Schools television: the first 10 years

⧉ An in-depth history, first published in 1967, of Rediffusion’s programmes for schools

Teledu yng ngwlad y gân

⧉ Have a look at TWW’s output in Welsh in 1960 in our new bilingual subsite

Southern Success

⧉ Spend some time examining Southern’s successful first year on air with our new microsite

Huw Thomas, Newscaster

Meet ITN’s newest newscaster in 1957

Why I created Torchy

Roberta Leigh explains the genesis of ABC’s new puppet show to the TVTimes in 1959

A day out to Quay Street

Tom Hargreaves remembers a tour around Granada’s studios in 1967

Tonight’s US television… in 1972

A look at what was on television in the United States on Wednesday 15 November 1972

Tonight’s ONdigital… in 1999

A look at what was on the ONdigital platform on Monday 8 November 1999

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1986

A look at what was on BBCtv on Saturday 1 November 1986

► Twist and shouting

On 22 September 1975, Eamonn Andrews on the Thames ‘Today’ programme hosts a bad-tempered debate about ITV

► Goodbye to the Light Programme

Music Through Midnight with David Hamilton sees the BBC Light Programme off into history

► Goodbye to the Home Service

The final closedown, 29 September 1967

✎ Stockport Plaza

A place you must visit

✎ Bruce Forsyth 1928-2017

Goodbye to one of the most talented entertainers the UK has ever produced

✎ Everybody out!

Listen to a great podcast about ITV strikes…