Broadcasting the Olympic Games

The BBC’s senior engineer explains how they broadcast the 1948 London Olympics

The shape of radio

In 1971, the government prepares to announce commercial radio. BBC-1’s ’24 Hours’ programme examines what system they might choose in this audio recording

Welcome to Didsbury

British Pathé captures ABC’s first moments in Didsbury

Shield your eyes

Recreated: the ABC ‘shield’ ident from 1957

The fall and fall of LWT

The BBC’s “24 Hours” looks at the troubled life of LWT in an audio recording from 1971.

Opportunity Knocks: Goodbye to Didsbury

Transdiffusion’s newest televault site has a wonderful exclusive to share with you…

Teletext at Republica

Dan Farrimond takes a trip to Republica in Berlin to experience a teletext block party

Violence – what is the truth?

A recently retired Lord Justice of Appeal tells the TVTimes in 1961 that violence on TV has no effect on anybody and should be banned

Olympics – TV’s top suspense story

How ITV brought us the pictures from the 1964 Olympics

Heard around the world

The BBC Year-book of 1931 explains how a King’s speech was heard around the world

The admag girls

The TVTimes talks to the girls behind the midland admags in 1957

The power behind This Week

Jeremy Issacs talks to the TVTimes about producing This Week for Rediffusion in 1965

Tonight’s Westward TV… in 1964

A look at what was on Westward on Wednesday 26 August 1964

Tonight’s Channel Television… in 1973

A look at what was on Channel on Tuesday 7 August 1973

Tonight’s Yorkshire Television… in 1977

A look at what was on YTV on Friday 22 July 1977

Tonight’s LWT and Channel 4… in 1990

A look at what was on LWT and C4 on Saturday 30 June 1990

Granada TV, Manchester 3

A new microsite looking at Quay Street in 1966

Sylvia Peters 1925-2016

The Times newspaper today reports the death of Sylvia Peters, the BBC’s chief female announcer in the 1940s and 50s.

World population explosion

Some really good news in amongst this week’s misery.

A word on Harlech notepaper

A short videoblog about Harlech Television’s notepaper in 1969