Undermining BBC trust

9 September 2013

BLOG: Looking deeper into the BBC Trust

Dear America: this is not the BBC

13 August 2013

BLOG: This is supposed to represent the BBC?

Alan Whicker 1925-2013

12 July 2013

BLOG: Watch the late Alan Whicker meet the brutal and decidedly strange dictator of Haiti, François “Papa Doc” Duvalier.

Brian Cant turns 80

12 July 2013

BLOG: Brian Cant, the voice of the childhoods of three generations, turns 80 today.

You’re subscribed to us on YouTube, yeah?

4 July 2013

BLOG: Tune into Transdiffusion on YouTube

The Fast Track to the Top Job?

24 April 2013

BLOG: This week has seen Danny Cohen appointed as new BBC Director General Tony Hall’s Director of Television, following on from the appointment of James Harding as Head of BBC News. With Cohen’s rise to a place in the senior management team of the BBC almost as meteoric as his rise to prominence among senior television executives already.

Seconds out

12 April 2013

BLOG: Ding-dong the radio is censored

Newsnight’s chaos and confusion

22 February 2013

BLOG: A lot of faffing about

Be Nice to Each Other

19 February 2013

BLOG: There can only be a few people who can be counted as true television personalities, in front of the camera are the presenters and behind them are the production staff. Very rarely there are people who do both at the same time such as Jack Hargreaves from Southern Television and Brian Connell from Anglia, one such of these unique breed died on Sunday.

Making a Splash on a Saturday Night

19 January 2013

BLOG: Splash doesn’t make a splash

A Tale of 5 Channels: ITV’s 2013 Rebrand

18 January 2013

BLOG: All change for ITV in 2013. Is it all worth it?

Necrolog 2012

31 December 2012

BLOG: Those we have loved and lost in 2012

Entwistle’s exit

14 November 2012

BLOG: The director-general is lost

Hurricane Danny

1 November 2012

BLOG: Danny Baker is lost

Nothing on television tonight?

27 October 2012

BLOG: Other places to find Transdiffusion goodies if “Strictly” leaves you cold

Ceefax gone

23 October 2012

BLOG: So, farewell then Ceefax…

Farewell, Pages From Ceefax

22 October 2012

BLOG: Goodbye Ceefax

A design Year Zero

30 August 2012

BLOG: I love the 1980s. If you agree, you were born between 1970 and 1978, at a guess.

Thompson’s tactical errors

23 August 2012

BLOG: BBC Director-General gone

The name’s 007. Sky Movies 007.

7 August 2012

BLOG: Sky’s new channel

Farewell, Bvsh Hovse

12 July 2012

BLOG: The BBC World Service’s main studios fall silent for the first time since 1940

Isn’t it shocking?

11 June 2012

BLOG: How posting to YouTube turned into a quagmire of uncertainty thanks to cwilliams1976

Sailing in the wrong direction?

7 June 2012

BLOG: It’s certainly not unusual for the BBC to be the subject of criticism when it comes to the coverage of any royal event apart from the most straightforward occasions. Getting the tone exactly right is an absolute nightmare and you are never going to satisfy everyone all of the time, especially when dealing with something that’s the least bit contentious.

Let’s go Nationwide!

4 June 2012

BLOG: Nationwide joins the duck on the skateboard of history

ITV’s regional news u-turn

26 May 2012

BLOG: Remember a few years ago when ITV plc decided that 17 regional news programmes was unsustainable and that to make commercial sense they should only have nine in England and Wales? Well that was in 2009. Now it’s 2012 and it seems ITV have had a change of heart.

Second rate or second to none?

7 May 2012

BLOG: Does BBC Two have a point?

Storify: what’s wrong with BBC commissioning and scheduling

27 March 2012

BLOG: A discussion on Twitter about the BBC’s incomprehensible scheduling policies of late

Thompson’s legacy

14 March 2012

BLOG: Preparing to say goodbye to Mark Thompson

ITV: Running forward just to stand still?

5 March 2012

BLOG: ITV appoints Adam Crozier

BBC Four saved…at a price

26 February 2012

It’s one thing wanting the closure threat of

The strange case of HD Thames

29 January 2012

BLOG: An interesting exchange on Twitter about a strange subsidiary of Thames from its post-franchise days

Woe is Channel 4

25 January 2012

With the news that Channel 4 is to report its first annual loss for more than a decade, How on earth did Channel 4 manage to drop the ball so…

Obligatory showing of teeth

23 January 2012

BLOG: Local radio is almost saved

Sorry Hazel, but what did you expect?

18 January 2012

BLOG: Well recently the BBC released some figures and they showed that 3,172 people from Salford applied for jobs with the BBC at MediaCity and just 24 people were successful. Local MP Hazel Blears is demanding an enquiry and calling the figure “incredibly disappointing”. Well sorry Hazel, but what did you expect?

Necrolog 2011

31 December 2011

BLOG: A list of some of those we have loved and lost in 2011.

Frosty reception

15 November 2011

BLOG: The Frozen Planet ‘scandal’

I’m with Matthew Wright. Are you?

14 November 2011

BLOG: The BBC’s Delivering Quality First initiative has certainly caused a few headlines for its treatment of local radio, however much less discussed has been its impact on the BBC’s regional TV output. However its changes there have been no less controversial.

Redefining Auntie

6 October 2011

BLOG: Delivering Quality First is coming

The s-word

21 September 2011

BLOG: Stop saying “synergy”

Boris Johnson – more knowledgeable about TV production than broadcasters themselves

19 September 2011

BLOG: From the “Boris Johnson is clearly an expert on making television – better at it than even the BBC” file comes this rather farcical story….

Reshuffling the news

13 September 2011

BLOG: It’s been the way it has been for so long that we just accept it. However I can’t be the only one who finds the fact that at 6pm ITV1 shows the national news after the regional news?

You can’t beat a good daily start-up

9 September 2011

BLOG: The Socialist paradise (ahem) of North Korea’s NCTV starts the day with a march. Literally a march.

Cut out to keep

28 August 2011

This year’s Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival may have been relatively free of controversy It seems that after all the noises relating the BBC having to close down at…

TV’s most boring ident?

20 August 2011

Tyne Tees? HTV? Who has the most boring ident of them all?

Twin dilemma

19 August 2011

Much has been said this week about proposed cutbacks that may (or may not) affect BBC Four, the ‘highbrow’ digital TV channel that has a relatively small but fiercely loyal…

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