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29 September 2017 tbs.pm/13755

Home Service. The only answer you can give to the question, what is Radio 4?

The final closedown, 29 September 1967.

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Paul Mason 16 October 2017 at 7:35 pm

One myth about Radio 4 centres around the Shipping Forecast.

The SF was on the LIGHT programme and eventually Radio 2 when on 198 Long Wave. The great frequency swop of 1978 which did away with regional/national opt outs of BBC Radio 4 in favour of BbC Radios Scotland/Wales/Cymru/Ulster and heralded Radio 4 UK. Fritz Spiegel, whose home I used to go past regularly composed the early morning UK theme which was abolished under protest some years ago
The Shipping Forecast moved to Radio 4 LW and from 0030 hrs to 0048
preceded by the Ronald Bynge composition “Sailing By”. Even though composed in the 1950s it was not used on BBC Radio 4 until 1978. And no earlier!

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