Another ?reality? show bites the dust 

25 August 2007

?Anchorwoman? Canceled After One Airing

We’re used to so-called ‘reality’ shows crashing and burning, or getting themselves into deep water (or other substances). The latest tale that will hopefully contribute to the downfall of this tacky tabloid show format comes from the US, where the Fox show Anchorwoman has been pulled after just one programme.

The show was intended to document Lauren Jones’s attempt to become a news presenter for the CBS affiliate KYTX Channel 19 in Tyler, TX. A former swimsuit model, wrestling diva and ‘Barker’s Beauty’ on game show The Price Is Right, Jones was shown sitting in a low-cut top and tiny skirt (which she was shown tugging at every few minutes) being told, “Which of your favorite anchors… is dressed like this?…. I need you to go home; I need you to change” by her boss, among other absurd silliness. “When we get to where we’re going,” she asks from the back of the car on the way to report a story, “are we going to, like, run out of the car and act all… newsy?” “No,” her colleagues flatly reply. “She’s an idiot,” said one of the station’s real anchors. And one of the station bosses commented, “You know, deep in your heart, Ed Murrow is spinning in his grave right now.” Most important of all, Stormy the Weather Dog didn’t like her. “For 30 days, he didn’t like her,” said the station manager.

The show didn’t fly, even with Fox’s audience and even after an appearance on Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly show, which you might think was the correct demographic for this sexist twaddle. It pulled a mere 2.7 million audience according to Nielsen when it went out last Wednesday, about a third of the viewership for the previous week’s finale of So You Think You Can Dance.

Jones was at the station for a month during which several shows were filmed; some of the unaired episodes will be made available on Fox’s web site.

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