Deja vu time 

2 February 2007

Trailer for ITV’s Primeval (requires Windows Media/Flip4Mac)

They often say never judge a book by its cover, but this trailer for ITV’s forthcoming sci-fi drama Primeval suggests that it’s probably as close to a cheap Doctor Who/Torchwood knock-off as they can get without invoking the copyright lawyers – all that appears to be missing is a police box, Captain Jack and, erm, The Doctor.

Still we musn’t scoff too much, since at least ITV has taken the time (!) and trouble to produce a moderately original sci-fi drama as opposed to yet another quiz/reality TV/soppy drama, and with Charles Allen out of the way it might even be given the chance to develop into something watchable as opposed to being axed after only one series.

And regardless of whether Primeval will be a treat or turkey, it might give us something to laugh at watch on Saturdays until the Doctor himself returns to annihilate the competition.

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