29 March 2006

City Road was written and presented by:

  • Andrew Bowden
  • John Bourne
  • David Brockman
  • Russ J Graham
  • David Jeffery
  • Lucy Purdon
  • Stephanie Rickaby
  • Gavin Sutherland

City Road, and it’s predecessor site, the Tyne Tees Logo Page, is also grateful for help and support, both past and present, from:

  • Richard Bell
  • Christopher Bowden-Smith
  • Jon Bufton
  • Rory Clark
  • Pete Davis
  • Guy Denyer
  • Neil Flemming
  • Mike Garrett
  • Matthew Gulliver
  • Steve Hacket
  • Andrew Hillyard
  • Douglas Hope
  • Sean Hughes
  • Alex James
  • Jason James
  • Mark Larker
  • John Lewis
  • Darren Meldrum
  • Allen Nixon
  • Steven Oliver
  • Anthony Parkin
  • Travis Perkins
  • Geoff Phillips
  • Lee Redmayne
  • Jeremy Rogers
  • Andrew Silver
  • Andrew Shuards Browne
  • Stephen Smith
  • Lyn Spencer
  • Arthur Vasey
  • John Wardle
  • Wayne
  • Ian White
  • Andrew Wiseman

as well as a number of current and former Tyne Tees staff members who wish to remain anonymous.

City Road was designed by Russ J Graham, and technically implemented by Andrew Bowden.

City Road is a presentation of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System.

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Arthur Vasey 18 May 2016 at 2:59 pm

Nice to see me under Lyn Spencer – and – yes – that is me!

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