Worst Eurovision ever? 

15 May 2004 tbs.pm/604

The production was fine, the live voting via satellite was flawless, and apart from a live link to outside the venue and up until the last few minutes after the victory, where the presenters ad lib-ed for ages, TRT put on a great show. Terry was his usual aloof self, but has the result devalued the event?

Possibly. The voting was as secular as never before, and instead of the Baltics block voting for each other as most of them were not taking part, we had all the former Yugoslav countries trading douze points with each other.

The top 3 were gimmicks, and not songs. The best song didn’t win, which was either Sweden or Cyprus. I expected the UK and Ireland to perform poorly in getting votes, as they just had two blokes singing solo, no gimmicks.

So was it the worst? Worst results probably, but not the worst production, which was easily done by Italy in 1991 where the presenters and production crew looked put together at the last minute, as would be RAI’s want at the time.

The EBU seriously need to see what they want the Eurovision to be; a gimmick event that gets the same type of voting year in year out, or a song contest.

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