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11 May 2004

Digital Spy: ‘Enders win was due to ‘superior website’

First the writer has to admit something. He doesn’t watch either Corrie nor EastEnders. Although he did once watch Corrie and saw a bus drive past the end of the street. It was empty, started off slowly, suddenly sped up and then almost screeched to a halt – all in the space of a few meters. Most amusing.

Anyway the writer digresses. But he is also amused by some website envy. According to this article, first reported in that bastion of high quality journalism, the Daily Star, a Corrie insider is blaming the fact that EastEnders won more awards at the British Soap Awards, because ‘Enders has a better website.

Well if that’s the best excuse they can come up with…

Well the writer was interested enough to see which had the best website.

Corrie has a rather horrible clash of blue, purple, lilac and yellow, lots of flashing ads and to be brutely honest, almost no content bar a few updates on recent and forthcoming episodes.

EastEnders? Well the colours are a bit garish – the designer seems to have used every colour they could find in the navigation bar, but there is a nice bit of the Thames in the top left and it all kind of works.

There’s a big pic of someone called Kat at the top as well, and a game where you can put Dot Cotton in a tutu and a bright pink wig.

Well if votes are won on the basis of websites, the writer knows which box to put his X next to.

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