7 May 2004

BBC Online, no wait, BBCi, sorry,

Good old BBC. Just a couple of years after the all encompassing BBCi branding was introduced to cover Interactive TV and the Website, replacing the existing BBC Online and BBC Text brands, they go and split it up again, and change it to the highly original BBCi is to remain for the Interactive TV services.

Personally, I liked the BBCi branding and thought it worked well. But obviously someone at the BBC doesn’t agree with me.

Of all the names though, this is probably one of the most sensible available. It’s the concept used for many websites, including my own, which conveys both the name and where it can be found in one fell swoop. Also coupled with presenters saying formerly non-functioning things such as, it provides a marketing opportunity in every mention.

But despite all of this, I still call it the BBC Website, and probably always will.

(Update: 10/5/04 – I have removed the link to Google’s Cache of BBCi. This now means, as far as I am aware, there is no cached version of BBCi on the Internet. Odd that.)

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