What’s In A Name? 

24 April 2004 tbs.pm/623

Digital Spy: TBS to relaunch on June 4

No. Don’t worry. It’s not this TBS. Nope. The Transdiffusion System is not planning a revamp on June 4 at all. Especially not a revamp with such dire consequences.

No. The article is about TBS Superstation, an Amercian cable channel which currently has a pretty daft and pretentious name. But that’s to demographic, sales and (shudder) psychographic research, it’s going to be renamed.

So after all that research, what’s it going to be called?

TBS Very Funny.

No. Read that again. There is no full stop missing or anything. They really are going to call a station TBS Very Funny.

A description which was probably gleaned from the research agencies having a good launch as they took TBS straight to the cleaners.

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