Interactive TV – less difficult than an aeroplane? 

13 April 2004

Using Attitude Based Segmentation to Better

Understand Viewers’ Usability Issues with Digital and

Interactive TV (pdf)

From a snappily titled paper presented at a 2004 European Conference on Interactive Television comes an interesting little nugget of information.

In a survey, usersperceivedd Interactive TV to be more difficult to use than a computer, but less than a sewing machine and far less than an aeroplane (although how many respondents had ever flown an aeroplane isn’t known).

In fact, perceptionwise, even photocopies came out as seeming to be easier than interactive TV. Something which I’ll have to remember next time I try to get 15 copies of an A4 piece of paper, and get given 29 blank pieces of A3 paper with nothing but a small black box on them.

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