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28 January 2004

Well, it is interesting to hear the final report from Lord Hutton. I doubt I will ever plough through all 300-odd pages of it, but, I have been disappointed. To be honest I didn’t think the BBC would get criticised – maybe this is because of my politics not wanting it to happen, but I always thought the government would be in for a bashing.

It’s a pity the whole thing is levelled at the BBC though. In keeping with what Ian said on this earlier today, the BBC should have perhaps checked more before broadcasting it, but then perhaps Andrew Gilligan should think about going back to journalism school.

I don’t think any more regulation would do any good. If the BBC checked every story then they would never get anything to air. And that isn’t the regulators job anyway. Maybe the governors should have checked more than just agreeing with management, but you have to have some faith in your employees.

Or just don’t “sex up” your stories.

I can’t get Sky News where I am, but i am sure they are having a field day, suitably enhanced with lots of big red graphics…

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