ITV News: lofty goals, almost no chance. 

26 January 2004

MediaGuardian: War of the news walls

I’m going to stake my reputation on the line. Not that I have a very big one, but I’m hoping to gain one from this.

In an interview with the Media Guardian, ITV News boss David Mannion says the ambition for the ITV News Channel is "to overtake News 24 by the end of the year."

That’s one hell of an ambition and no way are they going to make it. It’s BARB ratings are appalling. Average viewing is just 2 minutes a week per person – over a quarter of News 24’s figures. It’s share of viewing is 0.1% – a seventh of that of Sky News, and a fifth of News 24.

True the ratings may be up on the old ITN News Channel and tt may be having a revamp next week in common with the main ITV1 news and the regional news, but the ITV News Channel has a hell of a long way to go before it even gets close to threatening the two big players in the news market.

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