Credit Where Credit Is Due? 

21 January 2004

BBC News: Actors call for more credit on TV

Equity are complaining about the rushing of credits and their presentation in a split screen environment.

It’s a tricky issue. The BBC claims on one hand that channel surfing increases by up to 400%. The artists claim they need credits to get more work.

When Channel 5 launched, they took the decision to restrict credits for many programmes to just the stars, the producer and the director. It seems surprising that all these years later, no one else has really followed suit.

One thing is clear, from posts on mailing lists, to comments on the BBC News website – there is a sizable part of the audience who simply don’t care who was the production designer or the best boys chief hairgrip.

Equity needs to think realistically on behalf of it’s members. What is the way to get rid of end-credit promos, or rushing of credits? How about to have less credits full stop – go down the Channel 5 approach. So few that there isn’t enough time nor point in squeezing or speeding up, or talking all over them.

Like it or not, they’re going to have to compromise as it’s highly unlikely we’re ever going back to the days of full credits lists, played out sedately.

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