12 January 2004

BBC pulls Kilroy-Silk show after anti-Arab comments

I am in two minds about whether Kilroy should be axed for his article. I am not aware of the specific issues he tackles on his morning programme, but I would assume that racism has come into some of them at some point. Therefore, if the comments truly are racist (I have not read the article and therefore cannot comment), then I applaud the BBC for suspending the show, as he might not be the correct person to be tackling those sort of issues.

But is this a similar old saga to that being investigated by the Hutton inquiry? I personally don’t consider BBC presenters comments published and written for other sources as being anything to do with the BBC and I don’t really know why people come to that conclusion. Therefore, maybe his show should continue.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this impending saga, but morning TV won’t be the same without Kilroy. Thankfully.

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