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3 January 2004

A new year and it’s straight into our latest update!

In this edition of Transdiffusion News: Radio One revolutions, did you get the Pure Evoke II for Christmas? London News Network closes, Lew Grade in the 1950s, BBC infrastructure, fall between two stools, don’t mind the quality, join a union.


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The best in radio history from Transdiffusion

Turbulent 1 Yet another chapter in the turbulent recent history of BBC Radio 1 has begun to unfold. Jonathan Bufton explains.

Pure Evoke 2 Until the Evoke came along, DAB radio sets had been mostly hi-fi separates ? expensive tuners to sit in serious hi-fi systems, says

Andrew Bowden.


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Studio One/BBC Infrastructure Whatever else Greg Dyke will be remembered as when he retires as BBC Director General, apart from replacing the unloved John Birt and attempting to breathe some new life into the Corporation, will be the impressive legacy of new BBC buildings that he

will leave behind, says Glenn Aylett.


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The Authority

Never mind the quality One of the notable co-incidences about television nowadays is that there is little correlation between the number of channels

and the quality of programming, writes Stephen Hopkins Hopkins.


London’s News The London skyline from the South Bank offices of LWT has been the backdrop for regional news programmes in London for well over a decade. But this is soon to be no more, writes Andrew Bowden.


Lew Grade, part 4 When the first ITV franchise announcements were made, Lew Grade?s ITC was appalled ? but not altogether surprised ? to have been turned down flat, writes Carl Ellis.

EMC Third Programme

Between two stools British broadcasting, and specifically British television, was for many years regarded as the best in the world, but this

is now under pressure, writes Richard Elen.

Inside TV

You can’t touch me, I’m part of the union “£2million of equipment lying unused? Good, that’s a victory for us.” Alan Sapper, General Secretary of the ACTT, in the programme of the Edinburgh Television Festival of 1978. Glenn Aylett reports on industrial strife in TV.


Let’s get technical, technical, I wanna get technical, oh, let me hear your body talk, your body talk, let me hear your body talk. Ah, the immortal lyrics of Jane Fonda, anti-war campaigner and fitness fanatic. But enough of this lycra-clad buffoonery. Brownlegg Media Group’s Head of Engineering and Tea Provision is proud/forced to present a guide to various and sundry broadcasting systems around the world. Sponsored by HM The Queen, purveyors of Royalty to the proletariat.



ATV & Schools

Another sub-TV update, and another cracker (no Christmas related pun intended)!

From the What’s New page:

Schools Diamond fans will love this remarkable update! Thomas King has discovered the only known complete BBC Schools Diamond sequence, complete with announcement and the credits and titles of the preceding and following


Thomas also supplied an unusual slide of the Diamond. See both the full Diamond video and strange slide on the BBC Schools page – as usual, flagged as a new addition.

The 1990s ITV Schools page has had a small update, with more information on the designers of the first graphics that ITV Schools had when the programmes were moved to Channel Four.

There’s a bit more information on the BBC Schools pages about the static slides used by BBC Schools when they were occasionally moved to BBC2. Also on that page, there’s a bit more on the BBC schools Pie Chart and another contribution to the debate on when the Diamond was introduced.

See the new stuff by visiting the What’s New section


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