Hands Up… 

2 January 2004 tbs.pm/748

Hands up if you’d noticed the ITC had gone? Thought not.

But hang on… According to the redirect page:

"The ITC has ceased to exist from 18 December 2003… Ofcom is the new communications sector regulator and will have wide-ranging responsibilities when it assumes its powers on 29 Devember 2003."

Besides the poor grammer, does this mean that commercial television in the United Kingdom was unregulated for 11 days?

At least the ITC is saying goodbye – over at the old home of the Radio Authority, you just get an Ofcom branded page saying that what you want, isn’t there.

Still, Ofcom have got our interests at heart – their masthead says so. Bold as brass they proclaim that they are "serving the citizen-consumers in the digital age". Whatever that means.

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