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9 December 2003

MediaGuardian : Overnight Viewing Figures

A relaunched News 24 gives the Media Guardian the perfect excuse to print a piece which reads like a blow by blow report of a boxing match between Sky News and the revamped BBC News 24 – with far more indepth analysis of news channels than you could ever wish for.

For those interested, the clash of the titans saw Sky News lead in the morning 120,000 vs 15,000 (although News 24 was not helped by the fact the Rugby parade was on BBC One), but by 5pm News 24 had 2,000 more viewers. Just 15 minutes later, it had 115,000 whilst Sky had 89,000. In the interests of fair play and balance (and in case you fancy a laugh) the ITV News Channel had 9,000.

When the final bell rang, Sky News was 100,000 over the day getting a reach of 1.2m compared to News 24’s 1.1m.

Of course the results are all pretty meaningless as it goes, but it gives the journalists something to talk about.

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