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8 December 2003

Well, the long-awaited BBC News 24 rebrand has finally been realised, and it is really rather nice.

I’ll start with the good points. The Studio is very much like the one used with the national news, although the large screens could do with having a bit more contrast. The titles are slightly disjointed, if rather nice, and have the headline of the main story spinning around the globe, which is a nice touch, although rather pointless. However you can see banks of screens directly in the middle behind the two presenters and around the newsroom behind, which is reminiscent of another certain news channel…

The astons have been updated and animated, with the premise being based on 3 lines which are adaptable. These all emanate from a box on the left side of the screen containing the News 24 logo and clock, and is the size and shape of the BBC Boxes used by all channels.

Unfortunately, like a certain other news channel previously referred to, the headline of the story is in large bold text, and seemingly only two or three words. This means that the often informative ticker now has just a phrase at a time on the screen to impart it’s point, although another line is added when a news story breaks containing a ticker with all the information in it.

The final point is the music, which is very much like what came before, but blander. All the oomph seems to have been lost, which is frankly a great shame.

Of course the main point of the relaunch was to change the content. Which is exactly the same as any other Monday morning on News 24. Ahh well, I suppose we can’t expect too much at once.

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