Price-dropping Freeview-busting Shopping-Channel. 

5 December 2003 Freeview Launch Press Release

Following on from the appearence of on digital terrestrial television on the 2nd December, lots of people will be talking.

Lots of people will moan at the launch of yet another shopping channel on digital terrestrial television. Lots of people will moan, saying "How can Freeview do this? There’s enough shopping channels already."

Only a few people will respond saying, "actually it’s nothing to do with Freeview – it was Channel 4 that sold ’em the space". They may even add "Freeview don’t even run multiplexes – they just market the platform.".

And a few more people will simply mutter "this is what happens when don’t actually have one single organisation running and co-ordinating what goes where, but instead leave it to a number of commercial companies with their own agendas and commercial needs."

And on the other side, plenty of people will watch, enjoy it, and maybe even buy something.

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