Firing Ingenuity 

28 November 2003

It is interesting to see how well the BBC copes when a power cut or other problem comes to head.

In the main, things are as you would expect. All the channels are still running, and they are running their normal programming. However programmes are not coming from familiar places – News 24 for example is coming from the BBC’s studios at Westminster, and today’s 1 O’Clock News is simply a simulcast with this service.

Regions do not have the ability to fully integrate with the main service, but they can all happily broadcast by themselves after the main news has finished.

The fact that this all works is a brilliant example of how well the BBC is thinking. If the main building of any other broadcaster had a power cut, with the possible exception of ITV, there would be no backup – the channel would simply fall off the air.

So well done to the BBC for keeping everything going, when it really isn’t their day.

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