BBC power cut (semi-)chaos 

28 November 2003

Power cut interrupts BBC services

It was time for that yearly ritual of the BBC service interruption; not nearly as serious as what has happened on some previous occasions but enough to throw a rather large spanner in the works. And it was a novelty to watch a news channel without being bombarded with DOGs and lots of captions (believe it or not the viewer was forced to concentrate on the actual news as a result), but at least the incident may have jogged a few memories:

"When the programme returned, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who was being interviewed, joked: “It takes me back to the 1950s when they used to put the scorecard on the television.”"

Now if only politicians would remember the time when ITV produced a decent variety of programming and at the same time properly understand the reasons why this was the case (clue: the franchise(s) were not primarily motivated by “shareholder value”).

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