Paul Frost 

9 June 2002

One of Tyne Tees’s best known personalities in the 1980s, Paul Frost presented Northern Life for a decade

Listen to Paul Frost’s ‘Eric Clapton’ anecdote

Paul Frost offered a much more relaxed atmosphere compared to the more serious Mike Neville over on the BBC’s Look North.

Paul was the main anchor on Northern Life from the mid 1980s until the end of the shows life in 1992. The final Northern Life line up of Paul and Pam Royle was then repeated in Tyne Tees Today.

He was much loved by the North East, and especially well known for his long conversations with his fellow presenters on Northern Life, and his rambling anecdotes.

Paul left the daily news programme after the controversial split of the Tyne Tees news service, setting up his own PR and video company, Paul Frost Associates. He also presented over programmes for Tyne Tees including the new Tyne Tees Weekend (until 1995), Crimestoppers, and a ‘behind the scenes at Tyne Tees’ programme, Frost On The Box.

His television work these days is sadly more limited, but Paul continues to work at his PR company.

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