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14 June 2001

Netherland 1

National channel with time split amongst different ‘pillars’.

These pictures, caught by DX reception in the mid-1980s, show how “behind” British television most stations on the continent were. Whilst British TV executives were moving toward 24-hour television, and inconvenient breaks in the stream of adverts and promos for testcards and music were being phased out, Nederland 1 wasn’t in such a hurry.

The station comes on air at 5 minutes past 3 in the afternoon and is off just after a quarter past midnight.

KRO on Nederland 1

Catholic ‘pillar’ broadcasting organisation.

After a brief start-up sequence from N1, the first ‘pillar’ broadcaster, KRO comes on air. The filmed start-up sequence – very obviously studio sets – is wound into the society’s logo. Each scene features a tiny vignette of everyday life – office, home, street – plus an altar with candles and choir boys. Perhaps a subconscious attempt to suggest that the religion in question pervades all parts of life? Or an attempt to plant this idea subconsciously?

VARA on Nederland 1

Socialist ‘pillar’ broadcasting organisation.

A small spot for relative newcomer VARA, featuring three programmes, none of which strike us as being innately socialist in nature. Though perhaps Howard’s Way could cause the workers to rise up and smash their bourgeois television sets.

NCRV on Nederland 1

Conservative protestant ‘pillar’ broadcasting organisation.

NCRV puts in an appearance the next day, coming on air with that most conservative and religious of programmes, Neighbours. An interesting side-effect of the Dutch people’s multilingual nature is that few programmes are dubbed – subtitles are preferred, though most viewers can understand the language anyway – assuming that “don’t come the raw prawn, Sheila” and “chuck another chop on the barbie, mate” are known expressions in northern Europe.

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