Gallery: Czech Republic 

14 June 2001

CT1 logo


Courtesy of the close proximity of Eutelsat’s EuroBird to the Astra satellites used by Sky Digital, we get a glimpse of Czech television. Not many idents to see, though unpleasant permanent logos in the top left are an effective distraction from the programming. Not surprising for a country so close to Germany geographically, the presentation style is reminiscent of Germany’s commercial networks RTL+ and Sat1.

CT1 Continuity Announcer

CT1 Break bumper

CT1 menu


The main evening news on CT2 at 9pm CET is followed by something much more important – an announcement from Czech Radiocommunications that two major transmitters will be off-air tomorrow. Some promos follow, then we lost the signal when the scrambling kicked in at 10pm CET.

CT2 News programme

CT2 News

CT2 News

CT2 transmitters off-air tomorrow

CT2 promo

CT2 promo

The above pictures were caught from EutelSat digital feeds

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