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14 June 2001

BRT clock

BRT (later BRTN, later still VRT) – National channel in Flemish.

BRT testcard

Kids programmes on BRT1

Morning programmes on BRT1

The devolution in Belgian society along language lines continues with two separate state broadcasters providing 2 services each in their own language.

BRT = Belgium Radio/Television; BRTN = Belgium Radio/Television in Dutch; VRT = Flemish Radio/Television

RTBF 1 and 2 – National channel in French

RTBF1 ident

Good night from RTBF1

RTBF 2 in earlier days

The separation is so total that RTBF “went commercial” some years before BRTN even considered it. This may be to do with the competition – RTBF v TF1 and BRTN v Nederland 1.

The ’21’ ident is from Tele21, identified by correspondent Nathalie Decker as a previous identity for RTBF2.

RTBF = Radio/Television Belgium in French

The above pictures were caught – mainly through DX reception – in the 1980s

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Mike 17 October 2015 at 12:53 pm

Confusingly BRT/BRTN/VRT don’t use the VRT name in their onscreen identity. Their main TV channel simply identifies as “één” (one).

RTBF are not above confusing rebrands either. They were originally known as RTB.

The small German-speaking community also have their own broadcaster BRF however they don’t operate a fulltime TV service.

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