See what the girls in the backroom will have…

25 Aug 2014

Some charming sexism from ATV in 1963: what a PA does at Elstree

A dream factory

30 Nov 2012

Rob Williams takes a tour of Television South

So long, New Broadcasting House

3 Dec 2011

Wandering round the BBC’s former Manchester studios

Central dismembered

17 Oct 2010

Roddy Buxton on the end of ATV and Central’s Birmingham citadel

This is Elstree, part 1

4 Oct 2010

Roddy Buxton on the history and development of ATV’s Elstree studios

This is Elstree, part 2

4 Oct 2010

The second part of Roddy Buxton’s analysis sees ATV Network, ATV Midlands, Daybreak and Central at Elstree

A is for Alpha

15 Aug 2010

How a former ABC cinema in Aston, Birmingham, became a power house of ITV production.

Paradise Lost Part IV – Central House

25 Apr 2009

Extending the studios as Central launches

Paradise Lost Part III – The Nerve Centre

30 Nov 2008

Roddy Buxton hits the 4th Floor

Paradise Lost Part II – Main Studios

26 Oct 2008

Our exploration of ATV Centre continues

Paradise Lost: The ATV Centre Story – Part I

23 Sep 2008

Goodbye to Broad Street

Inside Lenton Lane

22 Jun 2008

East Midlands television centre

ATV’s Television Garden

16 Dec 2007

ATV’s Television Garden

Whatever happened to Brookside Close?

18 Nov 2007

Roddy Buxton explores the Brookside set

A trip to Giltbrook

2 Sep 2007

Central News East… or not

A trip to Broad Street

1 Mar 2007

1997: time for a final trip around ATV Centre before all the gear is sold off.

Scotland’s Media Capital

30 Oct 2005

Glenn Aylett details Glasgow’s new and existing BBC and independent television production centres

From The South (part 2)

2 Oct 2005

TV from Northam comes to an end

From The South (part 1)

3 Sep 2005

TV from Northam spans a lifetime

Television Gets A Complex

1 Jan 2005

The earliest architecture of television

BBC Infrastructure

1 Jan 2005

Regional studios and London monoliths

Cheap Drama

1 Jan 2004

Tricks of the trade exposed

The New Rays of Light

1 Jan 2004

Television moves in on the cinema and theatre


1 Jan 2004

The state of the UK film industry

Set Pieces

1 Jan 2004

Set design makes television

Ever Decreasing Circles

1 Feb 2003

Say goodbye to ATV Centre and hello to oblivion

Four At The Movies

1 Jan 2003

Thank heavens for FilmFour

Television Central

1 Jan 2003

Take a tour of BBC Television Centre

Paradise Lost

1 Jan 2003

The centre of Birmingham and its Centre

Introducting Studio One

1 Dec 2002

Television and cinema collide


1 Jul 2001

Television takes on cinema in the regions

London Belongs To Television

1 May 2001

How London and TV are inextricably bound

Picture Box (part 2)

1 Mar 2001

ABC, ABPC and the art of studios

Picture Box (part 1)

1 Feb 2001

ABC, ABPC and the art of television