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By Richard G Elen

We at Transdiffusion would like to bid you a special welcome to this site: Small Screen.

Thanks to an agreement with David Laine, we have been able to bring the content of his Vintage Broadcasting site into the Transdiffusion fold.

This is great news for us: David's site contained an enormous quantity of material, especially media, that we did not previously have in our archives or available for readers, and we are most grateful to David for making this material available. Take a look at the article on the Launch of ITV for example: we have never been able to offer these films to our readership before, nor the classic examples of British TV commercial production shown in the "Classic Ads" articles.

Over time we will be integrating the vast majority of the Vintage Broadcasting articles into Transdiffusion. Many, but not all, of the television-related articles will be brought into Small Screen, which we have defined as covering television developments from 1955 - the birth of ITV and Band III - to the end of the monochrome era: truly "Vintage Broadcasting". In this sense Small Screen continues on from our existing Baird site, which takes the development of television from the very beginning of the technology to the end of the BBC monopoly.

Articles from David Laine's collection that cover more recent developments, such as digital and satellite TV, will be integrated into the existing TBS departments that suit them, while the radio-related pieces will be integrated into our RMC division, which is currently undergoing significant renovation to bring it into our new Content Management System during 2007.

Please keep your eye on Small Screen: as articles from David Laine's content continue to appear, they will be flagged on the TBS and EMC front pages.

Thanks again to David for making this material available.

--Richard Elen
Editor in Chief,

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